As of 06/19/2016 592 #SDSTOLENLIVES, 528 recorded brutalized by

As of 06/19/2016 592 #SDStolenLives KILLED BY EVERY BRANCH OF LAW ENFORCEMENT recorded by, 528 recorded brutalized. We are also documenting incidents where media labels the victim as “unknown”.

More than 50 Victims confirmed to have been in a psychiatric emergency or have suffered from mental illness at the time they were murdered including those taken into custody such as jails.

Thongsoune Vilaysane killed by SDPD 5/11/16 #Shot40Times #40Shots by Officers Ryan Cameron, David Serrano, Trevor Sterling and Shawn Boggeman
From the family
“Please don’t let the excessive act on the hands of 4 #sdpd officers that fatally killed my daughter’s uncle Thongsoune Vilaysane be dismissed. It’s injustice the way he had laid to rest. The Vilaysane family need answers, understanding, and closure to what exactly happen. Why did an unarmed man became target practice that night? No action of any protocol came into play that night?! The suspect became a victim that was #Shot40times by whom we are supposed to believe “To Protect and To Serve” us. Makes me think is my next traffic stop be my last? Never know what tomorrow holds. Thongsoune Vilaysane may made bad choices but he wouldn’t hurt a soul. There’s plenty about him to go about but more importantly we need your support in spreading the word in getting justice for him. If there wasn’t any wrongful act done by the SDPD then there shouldn’t be a problem for them to release any footage from #policebodycam #dashcam for the family to have closure and for us the community to may or may not ever trust the #sdpd again. Or anyone with any information that will help get justice for Thongsoune because someone is accountable for the overkill.#JusticeForTHONGSOUNEVILAYSANE #justice4thongsounevilaysane#stolenlives #thongsonevilaysane #gonefishing #thegooddieyoung#gonebutneverforgotten #sdstolenlives
Let’s United Against Police Terror – San Diego”
At’s inception in 2014, we had about 180 recorded, digging deeper into history, we’re finding so many more. Every life law enforcement stole, mattered. Every name counts, that’s why we are tracking San Diego’s counted
*THE YOUNGEST KILLED; Hannah Rogers-Grippi, an unarmed expecting mother was tased by Chula Vista PD when she tried to go into her home to avoid them on 12/15/2001, Losing her 6 month old fetus due to taser.
San Diego County Law Enforcement Database
How to Fight Back Against Police Terror in Your Area

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