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Queer-Inclusive Black Lives Chapter Debuts After ‘Antigay’ Group Shutters

Mendonca, who identifies as a queer woman of color, is also founder of United Against Police Terror San Diego (UAPTSD). She says she came to anti-brutality activism after having been the victim of a sexual assault at the hands of a police officer in Los Angeles.

“That experience changed my life forever,” she tells LGBT Weekly. “The way to end victimization by the state and by police is to take action and to give voice to victims.”

According to UAPTSD, there have been 593 deaths caused by police in San Diego County in the past three-and-a-half decades. Mendonca and many in the Black Lives Matter movement are dubious about police descriptions of the circumstances surrounding officer-involved shootings and other types of suspect-deaths.

Case in point, the July 8 shooting of Jose Armando Garcia (47) of Fallbrook. Mendonca points to the fact that the sheriff’s report acknowledges that Garcia was likely suicidal. Activists like Mendonca protest against what they see as a de facto position among law enforcement officials that gunning down mental health patients is a legitimate way to deal with suicidal behavior.

“How is filling someone with bullets acceptable as a way of dealing with a mental health issue?” Mendonca asks.

She, like many in the local civil liberties community, was particularly troubled by the fact that District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis vowed to keep secret police body camera footage of the police shooting-death — as many as 40 shots may have been fired — of Thongsoune Vilaysane in May of this year.

“In fall of last year, three black men were murdered [by law enforcement officers] in San Diego in one month,” says Mendonca, referring to the October, 2015 killings of Lamontez Jones (39), Anthony Ashford (29) and Rayshaun Cole (30). To be clear, none of those deaths have officially been deemed murders.

Mendonca was not at the All Star Game protest, but organized another demonstration the following Friday under the auspices of a project called Overpass Light Brigade. As the name implies, OLB uses southern California’s ubiquitous and high-traffic freeways — or, more accurately overpasses above them — as communication platforms aimed squarely at the region’s commuters and at ending what activists call police brutality.

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Federal Survey: 40% of Transgender Prisoners Are Sexually Abused Each Year

National Center for Transgender Equality's Blog

The federal Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) this week reported national statistics for the first time on sexual abuse of transgender people in US prisons and jails. BJS estimates there were over 3,200 transgender people in US prisons nationwide in 2011-12, of whom 39.9% reported sexual assault or abuse in the last year by either another prisoner or staff. BJS also estimated there were over 1,700 transgender people in US jails in 2011-12, of whom 26.8% reported sexual assault or abuse in the last year. Transgender prisoners were victimized at rates nearly ten times those for prisoners in general (4% in prisons and 3.2% in jails).

The findings are similar to previously released research, including a California study finding that of transgender women held in men’s prisons, 59% had ever been sexually assaulted by another prisoner. While BJS did not break down transgender statistics by gender or type of facility…

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July 15th at 6pm
City Heights/Weingart Library and Performance Annex
3795 Fairmount Ave, San Diego, California 92105

Fb event page;

We will be marching to the I15 OVERPASS ON EL CAJON BLVD and display STOP POLICE TERROR when the sun sets, around 8pm or so.

Jose Armando Garcia, 47, was believed to be suicidal

RECENTLY THIS YEAR, Thongsoune Vilaysane, 30, of San Diego was shot 40 TIMES in Encanto on May 11, 2016.–379093111.html

Lamontez Jones, 39 years old 10/20/2015
Anthony Ashford, 29 years old 10/27/2015
Rayshaun Cole, 30 years old 10/17/2015

in 2011 San Diego police Officers Steve Schnick and Richard Widner opened fire on 26-year-old Marc Anthony Carrasco in a back bedroom of the Dawne Street house early on the morning of March 5.

To this date, has recorded 593 KILLED BY EVERY BRANCH OF LAW ENFORCEMENT SINCE 1980.

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Activists Hope To Spotlight Local Police And Community Relations

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‪#‎PhilandoCastile‬ & ‪#‎AltonSterling‬ Via TheGrio

Woman Facebook Lives dying boyfriend after being shot by cop during traffic stop


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Advocates Demand County Stop Contracts with CCA, and Start Hunger Strike

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Originally posted on Reporting San Diego:
All photos, courtesy Mark Bartlett July 6, 2016 (San Diego) The community is fed up, about mass incarceration and the consequences of it. But they are also fed up that the County has placed…

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#HungerStrike by Community Leaders to Protest the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA)


For Immediate Release – June 28, 2016

Contact: Mark Bartlett (619) 623-5150, Community Activist,

 Catherine Mendonca (619) 839-9244, Af3irm San Diego,

What: Hunger Strike by Activists and Community Leaders to Protest the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA)

When: July 5th, 2016 at 6pm

Where: 551 S. 35th St. San Diego, CA 92113

San Diego, on July 5th, 2016 This is a call for ACTION that will begin on July 5th in Southeast San Diego as we stand in solidarity to protest against the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). Community Leaders and Local Activists will execute a hunger strike next to the Oceanview Facility located at 551 S. 35th St. San Diego, CA 92113. The hunger strike will continue until all action items requested by the protest organizers have been satisfied.

The CCA is the largest for-profit prison industry in America and they currently operate three Correctional Facilities across San Diego County. Two out of the three facilities are located in the heart of Southeast San Diego and Barrio Logan. Both centers are located in residential neighborhoods within close proximity of homes, churches, schools, and businesses. CCA is looking to capitalize through alternative services in order to boost their revenue by purchasing re-entry/detention centers across the country.

Rally and Protest Details

Tuesday July 5, 2016

6:00 pm

Correctional Corporation of America (CCA/CAI)

551 S. 35th St. San Diego, CA 92113

At a site within close proximity of the correctional facility, advocates will urge the County of San Diego to terminate their partnership with CCA and return the building back to the community. Advocates also request that all Justice Involved Individuals will be provided with quality RE-ENTRY services that are not run by for-profit prison corporations. Community Leaders also demand that all agencies at the local, state, and federal level terminate their contracts with CCA and demand a thorough investigation into their low staffing levels, high use and possession of narcotics in their facilities, possible tampering and forging of County/Federal documents, lack of resources and programs for Justice Involved Individuals, poor nutritional meals, overcrowding that breaches their contract stipulations, misuse and improper handling of the distribution of prescribed medication, high volume of emergency response calls, absence of medical care, as well as improper training and the lack of personal safety equipment for staff. We also request that the San Diego Police Department along with the San Diego Fire Department/EMT relinquish all documented complaints from the community and a record of dispatch calls they have received from the facility where they responded to a situation at the center. Lastly, Community Organizers request that the Federal Bureau of Prisons release their full monitoring audit documents for both facilities from 2015 to the public.

“These two re-entry facilities in San Diego was the birth of a new era for CCA in terms of residential community correctional centers. New avenues to generate revenue gave rise to the “Treatment Industrial Complex” where for-profit prison corporations are seeking alternative services such as Re-entry centers, Mental Health centers, and Electronic Monitoring (GPS). Both facilities were purchased in 2013 for $36 million dollars cash and have a combined total capacity of 603 beds. This is a slap in the face to the community to allow a corporation to operate in our backyards that thrives off profiting from the criminalization and incarceration of black, brown, and the poor from underserved communities. We must reclaim our communities and demand investment in infrastructures that create a pipeline to higher learning rather than institutions of formal control. Stand in solidarity as we unite to bridge the gap between our communities from the waterfront of Barrio Logan to the streets of Southeast San Diego” ~ Mark Bartlett

We must ban private prisons! “Once CCA or GEO Group secures a new contract, every taxpayer dollar that goes toward their profit is a dollar not spent on improving conditions in jails and prisons or pursuing alternatives to incarceration. Private prison companies also pitch their services as short-term solutions to overcrowding, but too often public officials become dependent on the private space and delay addressing the root causes of incarceration.” Donald Cohen  It’s a crime: How private prison companies encourage mass incarceration – Salon

We do not need private prison corporations in our backyards! We need schools, parks, family owned businesses, community centers, community programs, and other establishments that will help promote positive social change for our people rather than incarceration. This is call for ACTION so we must stand in solidarity and ACT NOW! Join our fight across the country and stand in solidarity as we demand real Criminal Justice and Prison Reform that does not include the privatization of Correctional Centers and alternative services.

Profits Over People

“Profits over People” exposes the injustices in our broken Criminal Justice system and how the privatization of prisons

has played a key role in enslaving, exploiting, and the monetizing of our people which has led to mass incarceration today.

Protest the Corrections Corporation of America

San Diego No More Prisons

Endorsing organizations include: United Against Police Terror – San Diego; Af3irm San Diego;  Black Men For Bernie, Artful Activist San Diego;Overpass Light Brigade – San Diego; San Diego Social Leagues; Millions for Prisoners Human Rights Committee;Justleadershipusa (JLUSA); National END MASS Incarceration; Nadia Contreras of ImMYOwnBlessing; Coalition For Labor & Community Solidarity; La Flor De La Resistencia; Angeles Sin Fronteras; Fuerza Amigos de Aztlan;  South San Diego – inmate penpals, Citizens Oversight Project, Rebuilding Re-Entry Coalition


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The Homeless and the All Star Game

“What would you do if a police officer threatened to arrest you for trying to share a sandwich with a desperately hungry homeless woman that really needed it? Such a notion sounds absolutely bizarre, but this is actually happening in major cities all over the United States. More than 50 large U.S. cities have adopted “anti-camping” or “anti-food sharing” laws in recent years, and in many of these cities the police are strictly enforcing these laws. Sometimes the goal appears to be to get the homeless people to go away. Apparently the heartless politicians that are passing these laws believe that if the homeless can’t get any more free food and if they keep getting thrown into prison for “illegal camping” they will eventually decide to go somewhere else where they won’t be hassled so much.”

Reporting San Diego


Analysis by Reporting San Diego

June 27, 2016 (San Diego) There are two troublesome stories circulating. The first is that the city installed a rock garden under a bridge for the All Star Game. It turns out it was installed to keep the homeless out. The excuse of course was that Sherman Heights residents requested that.  But the truth, as always, did emerge.

Now we have the city moving the homeless from down town San Diego Of course the city denies that this has anything to do with the All Star Game, but this is what happens when major events come to any town in the United States. Homeless are not seen as producers, but rather as takers in the system. They also are considered an eye sore, and our city has a very large population, Depending on who you read the 5th largest or 4th largest in the…

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MEDIA ADVISORY/San Diego City Council Prioritizes Civilian Police Reform

MEDIA ADVISORY: June 27, 2016
Contact: Martha Sullivan, 858-945-6273,

WHAT: San Diego City Council Prioritizes Civilian Police Reform
WHEN: TUESDAY, June 28, 2016, 2 PM
WHERE: San Diego City Hall (202 “C” St.), City Council Chambers

On Tuesday, June 28, 2016, during the afternoon session (starts 2 pm), the San Diego City Council will consider Item 334: “the recommendations of the Charter Review Committee to amend Charter Section 43(d) Citizens’ Review Board on Police Practices(CRB) to 1) Rename the CRB as the Community Review Board on Police Practices; 2) Replace references to the City Manager with Mayor and City Council; and 3) Add to the Charter that the Review Board shall review all cases involving in-custody deaths and officer-related shootings.” And “Direct the City Attorney to prepare related ballot language and ordinances and return to Council for consideration after the November 8, 2016 election has been called.”

While Women Occupy San Diego (WOSD) appreciates the City Council’s prioritization of Civilian Police Reform on this November Ballot, after more than 2 years of meeting with Councilmembers and presenting to 3 Council Committees, representing a year of research before that and many community meetings and stakeholder interviews, we continue to be profoundly disappointed. These are only cosmetic changes and do nothing to improve the CRB’s ability to actually investigate a complaint about the police department.
The current CRB already reviews all police involved deaths so the proposed Charter Amendment codifies existing practice. Giving the City Council joint authority with the Mayor over this board in the Charter will give the Council standing to effect changes in how the CRB operates, which is a good thing long term, but given turnover on the Council after the November election, meaningful reform of the CRB will be delayed. Changing the name of the CRB to Community Review Board was the only thing in the Ballot Proposal endorsed by the 27 community organizations that the Charter Review Committee voted to forward to the full Council.

On April 20, 2016, we joined two dozen other community representatives to speak to the Charter Review Committee in opposition to this recommendation, stating that the only real reform would include giving the CRB subpoena power and the ability to hire independent investigators and independent legal counsel. The Charter Review Committee was urged by 27 community organizations to align the CRB’s powers with that of the Ethics Commission, which has jurisdiction over the conduct of City elected officials, candidates for such offices and City employees – except the SDPD. Last year, City taxpayers paid out $9.4 million in court awards and claims for misconduct by SDPD officers, but apparently there’s no money for independent investigators and legal counsel with subpoena powers?

What is the San Diego City Council afraid of?

WOSD and other CRB reform supporters will continue to monitor the performance of the CRB to evaluate its effectiveness moving forward. We invite residents of San Diego to attend tonight’s public CRB meeting (6:30pm) at the City Heights Library, 3795 Fairmont Av.

United Against Police Terror is an endorser of Women Occupy San Diego’s effort in forming an independant Community Review Board on Police Practices


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Daniella Navarrete, AF3IRM SF Bay Area Chapter Coordinator,
Leah Sicat, AF3IRM Central Coast Chapter Coordinator,
Carly Ritter, AF3IRM Central Coast
Catherine Mendonça, AF3IRM San Diego Chapter Coordinator

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA—As an anti-imperialist, transnational feminist organization, AF3IRM condemns the predatory actions and systemic oppression perpetuated by the Oakland Police Department (OPD). Allegedly committed to combatting the sex trade and entrusted to serve victims of gender violence, the Oakland Police Department has instead given badges, weapons, institutional power, and impunity to abusers, traffickers and johns. Officers who are valorized under the guise of “protecting the community” have repeatedly shown themselves to be the very predators who endanger our existence. Specifically, AF3IRM denounces the OPD’s perpetuation of sexual abuse, exploitation, trafficking, and rape of Celeste Guap. We also unequivocally condemn OPD’s corruption and potential cover-up of intimate partner homicide against Irma Huerta Lopez. We in AF3IRM see the victimization of Celeste Guap and the suspected murder of Irma Huerta Lopez as attacks on transnational women of color’s bodily autonomy, survival, self-determination, and liberation. We name this malfeasance and violence for what it is: the ruthless triple oppression of patriarchy, capitalism, and white supremacy.

For over 25 years, AF3IRM has waged the Purple Rose Campaign against the trafficking of women and children. The most impacted communities in the sex trade are women of color, girls of color, and queer & trans people of color. Globally, women and girls comprise 97% of those trafficked for sexual exploitation. Every 2 out of 3 trafficked youth are girls from the global south. California is one of the primary hotspots for domestic and international human trafficking in the U.S and local conditions in the Bay Area mirror international trends. Trafficking reports from Contra Costa, San Francisco, Santa Clara Counties, and the city of Oakland demonstrate that Black and Latina women and girls are the most susceptible to sexual exploitation. In the Bay Area alone, 46% of all prosecuted human trafficking cases came from Alameda County, with the most common form of sexual exploitation in Oakland being homegrown domestic minor sex trafficking. Oakland is also the epicenter of the Bay Area’s largest “trafficking triangle,” with International Boulevard as the city’s most active area for street prostitution — the same street where Celeste Guap ran from her pimp towards Officer Brendan O’Brien, who later became the first police procurer.

Contrary to opinions which express that the OPD “sex scandal” detracts from “the real issues”, we in AF3IRM recognize that the fight against police terror and sex trafficking are interconnected and aim to abolish both! We echo some of the same demands made by other organizations and collectives, such as the Anti-Police Terror Project, but as transnational women of color who recognize the deep machinations and intersections of oppression, we must demand much more.

AF3IRM’s Demands:

1. Investigate & hold OPD accountable for Celeste Guap’s sexual exploitation, trafficking, & rape!
All predator police, as previously stated by Anti-Police Terror Project, should be arrested and all officers who were aware of trafficking but failed to act should be fired. Furthermore, we in AF3IRM want a release of the names of all implicated officers and a full investigation launched by an outside agency that will investigate predatory officers participating in the sex trade. Their simultaneous roles as first-responders and perpetrators of rape and trafficking are undeniably dangerous to youth and women of color and should no longer be tolerated. Additionally, OPD must publicly state that coercion and enticement of a minor is never the fault of the child or youth.

2. Release the autopsy report to Irma Huerta Lopez’s family!
On June 16, 2014, Irma Huerta Lopez, wife of OPD Officer Brendan O’Brien, was found dead in his apartment. The death was first classified as a homicide, but then ruled a suicide. The investigating sergeants maintain that Irma Huerta Lopez shot herself twice in the head with O’Brien’s gun. However, Paulina Huerta, sister of Irma Huerta Lopez, remains unconvinced: “Why were there two shots if she killed herself?” Even the coroner’s report stated that there was no visible gunshot residue on her hands; it also noted her death to be suspicious. The family of Huerta Lopez believes that O’Brien murdered her and that OPD did not conduct a thorough investigation. AF3IRM supports Paulina Huerta’s call for accountability and justice and the family’s repeated demands for a copy of the autopsy report.

3. Defund the police! Commit funds to the community!
In Oakland, nearly all services provided to sexual exploitation victims begin after arrest, often resulting in criminal records. AF3IRM stands against the criminalization of people in the sex trade since the policing of those victimized does not end sexual violence and instead seek an investment in the community. We demand that the Oakland police budget be cut by 50%. In addition, law enforcement funds for anti-trafficking, domestic violence and sexual assault response should be redirected into community-based programs–independent from police departments–that center survivors’ self determination and benefit the broader community. Here are a few places to begin:

Services for Self-Determination: Trauma-informed & survivor-centered services as designated first responders (such as Sexual Assault Response SART or Domestic Violence Response DVRT teams), reentry programs, community-run job centers, legal aid;
Health: Sexual/reproductive health care, community health clinics & low-income dental, community mental health & recovery services;
Housing: Tenant protections, low-income housing, emergency & homeless shelters;
Education: Public schools , after-school tutoring programs, extended library hours, trafficking awareness education (not to be mistaken for more cop trainings);
Children & Youth: Low-income child care, youth programs, foster & transitional-aged youth services.
4. Resignation of Libby Schaaf!
Time and time again, the Mayor of Oakland Libby Schaaf has demonstrated that she is a threat to transnational women of color and our communities. From the ban on nighttime street protests, which were instituted aggressively on the evening of the #SayHerName campaign to end police violence against Black women, to the seven deaths of Black men under her watch, and the diminishing of Celeste Guap’s abuse as “sexual misconduct” and “frat-house” behavior, Libby is not a feminist ally. Her role in political repression, her investigation on whistleblowers, and the violation of women of color and Black lives shows that her power is harmful, oppressive, and deadly. Libby Schaaf poses as an ally, co-opting the language of “toxic masculinity,” while sanctioning white supremacist, patriarchal violence against our communities. AF3IRM calls for Mayor Libby Schaaf’s immediate resignation!

5. Decriminalize Sex Trafficking Victims/Survivors!
The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office blames Celeste Guap for not reporting her own sexual exploitation. According to their spokesman J.D. Nelson, “She never came to our agency with any sort of complaint,” thus they “had no way of knowing about this sort of conduct.” However, 28 East Bay law enforcement officers were directly involved in the trafficking of Guap, including 14 Oakland police officers, 5 Richmond police officers, 3 Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies, a Livermore police officer and a Contra Costa County Sheriff’s deputy. It is outrageous to expect the victim to report their sexual abuse to the police, when the cops are the very people perpetuating the harm.

In the case of Celeste Guap, Oakland police officers extorted her for sex in exchange for avoiding arrest. Coercion is not protection. The business of this trade and the criminalization of the sexually exploited puts the most vulnerable in the hands of oppressors to coerce, to violate their autonomy under the threat of arrest, and consequently channel them into the prison industrial complex. By ending the criminalization of those prostituted and trafficked, we enhance the possibilities for survival and safety. AF3IRM demands the decriminalization of people exploited in the sex trade and denounces all systems of sexual enslavement!

We in AF3IRM believe deeply in the liberation of womankind and in dismantling systems of oppression. We see through this state institution’s so-called “protection” and challenge the patriarchal violence that has run rampant to abuse and subjugate transnational women of color.

We are most vulnerable to sexual violence. Our bodies are already deemed accessible, criminal, and violable by the state. We must build real power, demolish the systems that ensnare us and our communities, and create structures, systems, and resources that can protect us and our families. Denouncing the patriarchal violence, trafficking, rape, and murder of women perpetrated by the Oakland Police Department is just one step. If we call for the abolition of one arm of the state, such as the system of policing, we also have to dismantle the systems that maintain it, namely patriarchy, white supremacy, and imperialism. We know “the existence of the state is inseparable from the existence of slavery.” We aim to abolish all systems of enslavement- racial, sexual, and waged.

We call upon transnational women of color to get organized. Collective struggle calls for collective resistance. Together, we will apply pressure. Together, we will get our demands met. Our liberation depends on the work that we do together and the strength which our voices speak to power. Our oppression as transnational women of color has not only been social, emotional, and cultural but also material – and so must be our liberation.


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