UAPTSD What We’re About


UAPTSD What We’re About

“Every 8 hours, someone is killed by police in the U.S.”

What if we put just as much time and energy into organizing ourselves to prevent what police do as we put into a reaction to what they do?
Inspired by preserving the lives of our community, we live by the following principles; Protest, Solidarity, Love, Resistance

Our peaceful protest is filming the police as a part of our freedom of speech and freedom of press. We save lives from being funneled into the prison industrial complex and from being stolen from us by state sanctioned foot soldiers. Also, as our duty to the community, we track officers who still on the beat, how much they make, and if they have hurt or killed someone as well as hold space for families remembering the angelversary of their loved ones passing.

For more info on us and how to become involved, please visit United Against Police Terror – San Diego on Fb, on YouTube at IRATE PRODUCTIONS  or visit us at

We concentrate our efforts in the County of San Diego and the collective’s work includes:

The goals of UAPTSD are to make law enforcement agencies accountable to the public by:

Copwatch, Report, Support.


  • 24 hour monitoring police conduct and policies; through video & livestream
  • Objective of Uaptsd is to monitor the occurrence of police violence. UAPTSD launched a copwatch program in the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego. The program provides the necessary knowledge and rights that individuals (specifically youth and parents) while in the presence of police forces. UAPTSD copwatch intentions are to document police misconduct in the hopes that general awareness will reduce the risk of police violence while.


  • Data collection, publication and distribution to the public
  • Include (but not limited to)
  •  Stolen Lives killed and brutalized by every branch of law enforcement
  • Law Enforcement Databases of every sworn in officer of every branch  
  • List of all sworn in #KillerKkops who are still on duty
  • Recommending policy changes that encourage more humane and effective law enforcement;
  • Educating the public on criminal justice matters.


  • Acting as civil rights advocates for victims of excessive force and abuse;
  • Role of a UAPTSD Advocate
  • The advocates are the persons solely for the victim/survivor or their surviving family and open to exploring any and all options. An advocate provides services in a non-judgmental, empathetic way by empowering the survivor to make their own decisions based on their own unique circumstances. Helping them identify the range of options available to help protect their rights and safety;
  • Assisting the victims/survivors or their families in asserting those rights against and denouncing police assault, harassment and brutality; including
  • Providing a safe space in which survivors may disclose information;
  • Giving support and encouragement throughout legal processes or advocating for legal assistance;
  • Providing information and offering guidance on finding answers when questions arise;
  • Ensuring that if system response to victims/survivors or their families is unfair, then promoting open and direct action empowering the victims, survivors and their families.
  • Providing continued support when processes have concluded.
  • Providing information, counsel and referrals;
  • Raising Awareness of Rights

UAPTSD does regular workshops and discussions on rights and police abuse. Organization distributes “know your rights” booklets which lists the rights a person has when dealing with police officers of the SDPD (San Diego Police Department). The information contained in the booklets is based on information by the ACLU as well as on the rules and regulations applying to police forces in San Diego, California.

Victim Advocacy and Support for Survivors

UAPTSD intervenes when people are unaware of their rights and support the necessary steps required in obtaining justice in cases of police brutality. The group encourages victim testimonials to illustrate how people have suffered from police brutality, so other victims know they are not alone. The victim testimonials which can be in video or written format are helpful in providing justice to the victims of police brutality. The testimonials also serve to expand support for the organization in making police brutality a global issue.

Denouncing harassment, violence, intimidation and abuse


Press Coverage

Locally; City Beat, Union Tribune, LGBT Weekly, Los Angeles Times, San Diego Reader, San Diego Free Press, Univision, Speak City Heights, KPBS. KUSI, NBC 7, Telemundo

Independent; Reporters Committee for Freedom of Press, Photography is Not a Crime, Anti Media, Fresno People’s Media. Reporting San Diego

Nationally; Colorlines, Huffington Post, Raw Story, Mother Jones, Free Thought Project, Daily Kos, Fusion, The Root,, Telemundo

Internationally; RT Russia

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San Diego, Join the family of Victor Ortega as the trial for Victor’s wrongful death case begins today. Victor was killed in 2012 by SDPD Officer Jonathan McCarthy.

March 14th at 9am
San Diego Central Courthouse
Address: 1140 Union St, San Diego, CA 92101

A recent story

Victor Ortega
San Diego Police Struggle to Explain Killing Unarmed Man in Mira Mesa…/san-diego-police-struggle…/

Video of won appeal
San Diego police officer Jonathan McCarthy appeals from the district court’s denial of his motion for qualified immunity in a 42 U.S.C. § 1983 action brought by Shakina, Tamia and Jacob Ortega alleging that McCarthy shot and killed Victor Ortega.
14-56824 Shakina Ortega v SDPD Officer Jonathan McCarthy

Image may contain: 2 people

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Copwatcher Speaks at San Diego City Council on Police Profiling – San Diego Videos via

Copwatcher Speaks at San Diego City Council on Police Profiling – San Diego Videos via

February 27, City Council meets to received SDPD’s plan for addressing the biased policing documented in this report. Racial profiling is unjust, unjustified, and undermines community trust.This past November, the Public Safety & Livable Neighborhoods Committee received an independent report analyzing demographics on police traffic stops. San Diegans then learned what many of us already knew to be true: the San Diego Police Department treats drivers differently based on race and ethnicity. The report data revealed disturbing disparities between policing of White drivers and drivers of color – particularly Black and Latino drivers, who were found to be stopped, searched and questioned more frequently.

The following incidents Uaptsd will address, all occurred in the City Heights Neighborhood are examples of those stops, and all videos are available online on the Irate Productions Youtube Channel. Links were also forwarded to members of City Council for both them and their staff to review (see below)

My name is Catherine Mendonca, I’m a principle member of United Against Police Terror, San Diego, and attached you will find incidents of racial profiling observed by our organization through our copwatch project complete with links, in anticipation of the PSLN mtg today at 1pm.

UAPTSD has documented over 50 stops in the past 3 months where, we feel that in many of these instances, the race of the individual stopped was a factor in why they were stopped.

As it was stated in every recent report based on racial profiling data cards from the San Diego Police Department; citywide, drivers of color were more likely than white drivers to be searched following a traffic stop and subject to more field interviews than whites, but white drivers were more often found in violation of the law.

The incidents below, for your review, all occurred in the City Heights Neighborhood, and are examples of those stops, and all videos are available online on the Irate Productions Youtube Channel.

On November 30th, a black man walking with a cane down University Avenue was stopped at the intersection of 44th and University. He was, cuffed, searched, and then released. Allegedly he was swinging the cane. No arrest was made.

On January 8th, 2 black males were stopped and searched in the alley way between 44th and Polk, where there was reported screaming in the alley way. When cop watchers arrived on the scene, everything was quiet. Both men were released and no arrests were made.

On February 7th, at the the Starbucks on Fairmount Avenue, a black male was stopped, cuffed, searched, and then released. Again, no arrest was made.

On February 15th, At the intersection of 43th and University two individuals of color were pulled over, their vehicle was searched, including the trunk, because, according to police audio, they “fit the description.” The couple was released and no arrests were made.

On February 20th, Cop watchers captured video of what appears to be San Diego Police Breaking Curb Sitting Policy TB14-03 IIIA,B according to their written policy while on 3800 43rd st in City Heights while stopping three latino males, and once again, no arrest was made.

These stops ARE stop and frisk in practice, and in City Heights, this a normal occurrence. These are only 5 instances I summarized that indicate the larger problem: that stop-and-frisk is practiced regularly by SDPD, effectively making it SDPD policy.

In addition to observing and filming these instances, I also actively listen to police scanner audio as my right to stay involved in my community. Daily we hear instances of racial profiling by the San Diego Police Department over the police radio over many of the channels, but we must say that it is especially bad on the gang unit channel. From an individual’s hair, to their clothing, to what is posted on facebook, the San Diego police will come up with any reason they want to stop, question, and search you. Profiling is ingrained in the policies and practices of the San Diego Police department, and the practice needs to stop.

United Against Police Terror – San Diego


Some local news is curated – Original might have been posted at a different date/ time! Click the source link for details.

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#JusticeforSanDiegoStolenLives #SDStolenLives #StolenLives On Facebook

Page Dedicated to‘s campaign for Justice for all San Diego Stolen Lives by Law Enforcement

Uaptsd’s Campaign to demand Justice for San Diego Stolen Lives #SDStolenLives

To learn more follow our newly released database

The Stolen Lives Project has documented cases of those killed by law enforcement nationwide since 1996 and aims to speak for victims of police brutality and murder, their families and loved ones, and for all of us who demand justice. Please see and/or contact for more information. Visit the website at

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Undercover officer seen wearing a “Blue Lives Matter” Shirt, not so undercover

Undercover officer seen wearing a “Blue Lives Matter” Shirt, not so undercover, YouTube video Copwatch | SDPD Gang Unit Vehicle Stop | Copwatcher Sees The Light


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New Years EVE Remembering the San Diego Stolen Lives of 2016

PLEASE join United Against Police Terror – San Diego and The Movement Productions San Diego as we remember the following 23 #SDStolenLives of 2016, reminding us for the new year, we must fight for EVERY life taken at the hands of every branch of Law Enforcement.

Saturday at 5 PM – 8 PM

City Heights/Weingart Library and Performance Annex
3795 Fairmount Ave, San Diego, California 92105

*This will be a vigil/visuals, candles and drawings encouraged.
Our Stolen Lives List has reached 744 as of 12/14/2016
to see full; list, please click the following link

Joshua Adam Sisson ♂ San Diego Police 1/1/2016
Gilbert Gearhart ♂ San Diego Sheriff 1/7/2016
Kelsey Rose Hauser ♀ El Cajon Police 1/16/2016
Ronald Welles ♂ San Diego Sheriff 1/19/2016
Richard Boulanger ♂ San Diego Sheriff 2/12/2016
Brandon Moyer ♂ San Diego Sheriff 3/11/2016
Pedro Arellano ♂ San Diego Sheriff 4/4/2016
Igor Ziazin ♂ Immigration Customs & Enforcement / CCA 5/1/2016
Adrian Vincent Sanchez ♂ San Diego Sheriff 5/3/2016
Gino Monteleone ♂ San Diego Sheriff 5/9/2016
James Douglas Grayson ♂ San Diego Sheriff 5/9/2016
Thongsoune Vilaysane ♂ San Diego Police 5/11/2016
Heron Dittenhaver Moriarty ♂ San Diego Sheriff 5/31/2016
Fernando Geovanni LLanez ♂ DHS Agent (plainclothed) 6/14/2016
Unknown ♂ Chula Vista Police 7/27/2016
David Michael Moya ♂ San Diego Sheriff 8/4/2016
Sergio Weick ♂ San Diego Sheriff 8/12/2016
Trenton Lohman ♂ San Diego Sheriff 8/18/2016
Carlos Antonio Sanchez ♂ Chula Vista Police 9/23/2016
Alfred Olango ♂ El Cajon Police 9/27/2016
Juan Carlos Fernandez ♂ San Diego Police 11/13/2016
Edward Ray Nett San Diego Sheriff 12/3/2016
Robert Bermudez San Diego Police 12/12/2016

Lives brutalized by LEO (non-fatal)

Uaptsd’s Database of known Killer Cops in San Diego


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Show Up for #JusticeforRobertBranch Trial Begins

Show Up for Justice for Robert Branch

Trial Begins

Monday, January 23, 2017 at 8 AM – 5 PM

San Diego Superior Court – SD County Courthouse

220 W BROADWAY, San Diego, California 92101


Per the request of Robert Branch and his attorneys, attendance is needed for the trial of Robert Branch beginning on January 23rd, 2017.

Robert Branch faces, ” reckless driving, resisting arrest and attempting to pepper spray an officer” charges following the altercation that happened in Del Cerro on May 4, 2015.

Prosecutors say Branch was, “speeding and driving erratically when he almost struck the detective’s car.”

He claims he was put in a chokehold for no reason while prosecutors claim he tried to “pepper spray a deputy.”

Branch argued the detective, who has since retired from the department, used excessive force in the traffic stop.

The incident IS VIDEOTAPED and shared with the media.
He also filed an excessive force lawsuit against the county, which is on hold until the allegations against him are resolved.

After several weeks of witness testimony and evidence, a San Diego judge ruled there was sufficient evidence to hold Branch on all charges.

If convicted of all charges, Branch could face a maximum penalty of 5 years, 90 days.

Follow us: @nbcsandiego on Twitter | NBCSanDiego on Facebook

San Diego Detective Places Black Man In Chokehold Over Traffic Issue (Video)

Since 1980, has documented 567 cases of Non Fatal Injuries by every branch of SD Law Enforcement

Please check back for updates on the course of actions for community members in solidarity

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Today we reached our 100th #Copwatch Video on our Youtube channel playlist! United Against Police Terror – San Diego Check em out, get involved, hold police accountable! FILM THE POLICE!

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The County: the story of America’s deadliest police | US news | The Guardian

In 2015, San Diego County was in a three-way tie for 10th place as the deadliest county in the country based on the per-capita number of people killed by police locally this year. The Guardian counts 12 deaths at the hands of police here. (San Bernardino County is at No. 2, and Santa Clara County — home to San Jose — is at No. 4, and L.A. County is tied at 10th.).

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Leaked Documents Show Exactly How Cops Get Away with Brutalizing the Public

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