4 CORNERS OF LIFE 3rd Annual Community Celebration, South East San Diego

Date: 6/10/2016

Contact: Nadia Contreras
Tel. 619 573 8334
Email: immyownblessing@gmail.com

4 CORNERS OF LIFE 3rd Annual Community Celebration, South East San Diego

Join us for the 3rd Annual 4 Corners Of Life Celebration where we feature community member leadership awards, free food, music, dance groups, poetry, live art, educational booths as well as crafts for sale and much more.

The celebration will take place July 2nd, 2016 from 1PM-6PM at the corner of Euclid Ave. and Imperial Ave. This celebration is FREE to the community. The only thing we ask that you bring is your peace and love.

The sole purpose for this LIFE celebration is to engrave 4 Corners Of “LIFE” into the hearts of community members. Why you ask? Because Love, Unity, Dignity and Honor resides within South East San Diego. Who is our future? The youth. Why change such a negative name for such a strong neighborhood? Because the youth are growing up thinking its normal to accept, commit, cover up or aid murder. It all starts with our choice of words. There’s a reason why We say I LOVE YOU, because of the power of words. Words spoken followed by action is changing the negative and dark narrative this community has been known for however by saying LIFE, by embracing to speak love and positivity back into our world. It starts with us.

4 Corners Of Life may sound like just a name change to some but for the people who live in South East San Diego it lifts spirits, it embraces chance and change, it demands respect and most importantly it “paves a greater futures” into the youth’s heart by changing what they accept and act on.

#4cornersofLIFE is its own entity. It is developing into spoken hope, near future action. We not only plan on speaking peace in South East and supporting those who have already been working hard toward peace but also plan on creating physical change. Please take the time to get to know the neighborhoods around you. You can always create change. It only takes one driven, consistent and caring person. COME and help us Celebrate!

4 Corners of Life was established July 5th 2013 and works throughout the year to bring social equality, safe place making, jobs creation and peace in South East San Diego while fighting for justice in all unjust settings. July 5th 2013 was also its first ever 4 Corners Of LIFE Community Celebration.

To learn more visit http://www.facebook.com/SouthEastSanDiego4CornersOfLIFE
or call us at (619) 573-8334
#4CornersOfLIFE #SOUTHeastSANdiego #EuclidAndImperial

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