Feb 10, 2014 

Mission Statement

UAPTSD works for systemic change in law enforcement agencies and advocating for victims of excessive force or police misconduct. We concentrate our efforts in the San Diego County and the collective’s work includes: informing people of their rights, lending support to victims of police terror by helping them file complaints in the police ethics system and dealing with wrongful accusations. We as an organization also denounce the harassment, violence, intimidation, arrests and abuse of power by police.

We at United Against Police Terror are dedicated to Intersectionally educating and organizing the community to fight back against law enforcement violence in San Diego and beyond. We will not use and are committed to NOT using any and all media, images, etc that perpetuate the same sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, abelist, sizeist or any and all ideological oppressions used by every branch of law enforcement and judicial power. Perpetuation of these ideologies through any media in an attempt to expose the truth about law enforcement terror, hurts the very communities we are trying to protect from that terror.

“Abolition means that instead we make new ways to stop harm from happening. It means responding to harm when it does happen, without simply “punishing.” We will try to fix the causes of harm, instead of using the failed solution of punishment. This means harm will occur far less often. This is often called “harm reduction.” We will not use policing, courts, and prisons, which are making us less safe. Abolition means creating sustainable, healthy communities with the power to create safety. (Based on words by Rose Braz, former director of Critical Resistance)

GOALS/Objectives of UAPTSD

The goals of UAPTSD are to make law enforcement agencies accountable to the public by:

  • Acting as civil rights advocates for victims of excessive force and abuse;
  • Providing information, counsel and referrals;
  • Monitoring police conduct and policies;
  • Recommending policy changes that encourage more humane and effective law enforcement;
  • Educating the public on criminal justice matters.
  • Raising Awareness of Rights

UAPTSD does regular workshops and discussions on rights and police abuse. Organization distributes “know your rights” booklets which lists the rights a person has when dealing with police officers of the SDPD (San Diego Police Department). The information contained in the booklets is based on information by the ACLU as well as on the rules and regulations applying to police forces in San Diego, California.

Victim Advocacy and Support for Survivors

UAPTSD intervenes when people are unaware of their rights and support the necessary steps required in obtaining justice in cases of police brutality. The group encourages victim testimonials to illustrate how people have suffered from police brutality, so other victims know they are not alone. The victim testimonials which can be in video or written format are helpful in providing justice to the victims of police brutality. The testimonials also serve to expand support for the organization in making police brutality a global issue.

Denouncing harassment, violence, intimidation and abuse

Another objective of the organization is to monitor the occurrence of violence. UAPTSD launched a copwatch program in the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego. The program provides the necessary knowledge and rights that individuals (specifically youth and parents) while in the presence of police forces. UAPTSD copwatch intentions are to document police misconduct in the hopes that general awareness will reduce the risk of police violence while concentrating on eventually ending curfew sweeps.

UAPTSD offers copwatch workshops where they recommend tips for beginner, intermediates and advanced copwatchers, while also explaining the rights people have when copwatching, as well as what behavior is considered abusive. These workshops are free to the public and intend to promote rights that are available when confronted with police brutality.

Role of a UAPTSD Advocate

The advocates are the persons solely for the victim/survivor or their surviving family and open to exploring any and all options. An advocate provides services in a non-judgmental, empathetic way by empowering the survivor to make their own decisions based on their own unique circumstances. Helping them identify the range of options available to help protect their rights and safety;

Assisting the victims/survivors or their families in asserting those rights against and denouncing police assault, harassment and brutality; including

Providing a safe space in which survivors may disclose information;
Giving support and encouragement throughout legal processes or advocating for legal assistance;

Providing information and offering guidance on finding answers when questions arise;

Ensuring that if system response to victims/survivors or their families is unfair, then promoting open and direct action empowering the victims, survivors and their families.

Providing continued support when processes have concluded.

3 Responses to Mission

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  2. Al says:

    Please assist with getting Deputy Jeffrey Cruz of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Dept. off the streets. He is a thug. Excessive force as the video in the link below clearly shows.


    Thank you.

  3. uaptsd says:

    Thank you for letting us know

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