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Cop Watch is the practice of monitoring and documenting police activity in order to deter abuse and killings. As long as you are not interfering with police activity, monitoring and documenting the police is legal and a constitutionally protected right.

The Black Panther Party was the first group to practice Cop Watch in an organized manner. At that time, in California where the Panthers were operating, it was legal to carry guns in plain view. The Black Panthers used this to their advantage – holding guns alongside their law books while they observed police interactions with community members.

Today, our cameras are our weapons and our work draws on the legacy of the Panthers

Cop Watch empowers and increases safety in our communities.

Through Cop Watch we:
Document police interactions with community residents. Video documentation is turned over to community members to use in their own cases if needed. As a general rule, UAPTSD does not post personal information out of respect for the privacy of the individuals being victimized by police, unless doing so will help advance justice and we receive permission.

Prevent and de-escalate abusive policing. Demonstrating that the community is organized and watching, and that we have our cameras turned on the cops, helps to de-escalate potentially abusive situations.

Build with, educate and mobilize our communities. While on patrols, team members hand out know your rights information, discuss the systemic problem of police violence with community members and encourage them to get involved in the broader movement.

Spread a “Culture of Cop Watch” in our communities. This is a culture in which we are all committed to monitoring the police (whether on teams or in our daily lives), holding the police accountable and to looking out for one another. It is a culture of valuing and promoting the self-determination, strength and safety of our communities.

Shift power into the hands of our communities and out of the hands of the system.

Cop Watch is an act of protest, solidarity, love and resistance.

To help create a city-wide culture of Cop Watch, United Against Police Terror coordinates a Cop Watch Alliance open to organizations and ad-hoc groups trained to conduct Cop Watch.

Alliance Teams all have access to:

Cop Watch & KYR trainings

Mentoring in the development of their team

Cameras, walkie talkies & outreach materials

Space to download footage to the Copwatch archive

Our Cop Watch legal support network

Quarterly meetings of the Alliance, which provide space for Cop
Watch Alliance teams to build unity and cohesion, share skills and experiences, and dialogue about challenges and lessons learned.

Alliance Teams all agree to:

Work toward the UAPTSD city-wide goals and vision of Cop Watch as stated above

Attend a UAPTSD Cop Watch training

Conduct themselves in the spirit of accountability to the Alliance and their community

Maintain a goal of conducting at least one patrol per month, continuing as temperature allows

Document abuses by cops of all communities without discrimination based on (perceived) race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, immigration status, ability, etc.

UAPTSD Copwatch Playlist

4 Responses to CopWatch

  1. charlie wilson says:

    Watch officer Louis Benavides. Gave me a Ticket, every word out of his mouth was a lie. Did’nt even get the year, make or model of my truck right. Lied about my dog, had two, said one. This is an ambitious police officer, does”nt care what he has to do to make his numbers.

  2. David Soffer says:

    I have filed a law suit against JP MORGAN CHASE BANK. The complaint is assigned to Dept. 73 at 330 West Broadway, Central Courthouse. The judge is Joel R. Wohlfeil. This judge and the entire courthouse is totally corrupt. Chase hired a totally crooked attorney to corrupt the court to dismiss the case without there even being a hearing. The case was dismissed but because I saw what they were planning and exposed it, the attorney had to leave the law firm representing Chase. However she went ahead and did nit anyway. She filed a document to have the case dismissed without there even being a hearing and the clerks rubber stamped the documents and simply went onto the courts website for the case (Register of Actions), made entries of dismissal, and switched the case status form pending to dismissed.
    However the lead attorney for Chase was not willing to allow this to happen after he had fired this other lawyer. As a result the lead attorney forced the court to switch the case back from dismissed to Pending!. Now the court has committed fraud to cover this up but I have all the evidence that proves the judge and his clerks all committed fraud! As a result the judge would not allow me to speak at my own hearings and even sent 2 Sheriff’s Deputies to my home to arrest me. they almost broke down my door! I called 911 and the police arrived but they let the 2 deputies when I had witnesses! The dirty little secret they don’t want you to know is that because the police, prosecutors, lawyers, and judges have all the power to enforce our laws ans rules on ethical conduct, they do not take any action against each other whenever they can avoid it. that way they can all get away with whatever they want. They have a lot more to gain by working together than against each other and they even cover up for one another. The clerks are the worst as they intentionally loose documents, etc to cover up the truth. These clerks have removed the documents that CHASE filed to have the case dismissed because the clerks simply rubber stamped these. It is a felony to remove documents from a case file yet this is precisely what tehy have done and I have the proof! However all oversight is so corrupt that no one will do anything about it and I am exposing this at my hearing. there will be a hearing on May 1 at 9 am and another on May 8 at 9 am.
    This judge is so corrupt that he just rules against me for no other reason than the fact that I am representing myself. he should have recused himself a long time ago after I attacked his character. Chase wont settle the case because the judge always rules against me. My claims are so severe that there is literally no limit to what a jury could award. The case $ is 2014-16768 and it can be viewed by goggling sd court and then clicking on the link for the courts website. Then just click on View A Case File and enter in the case number. Don’t for get to change the year to 2014. Just look at numbers 40, 41, 42, & 43 to see that the case was dismissed. the n look for # 39 & 47 and you will see that they are not there because they were removed! I would like to speak about how corrupt the courts are because this is the real problem, If the courts were not so corrupt, then the police,etc would be help accountable for their actions. However the police know how corrupt the courts are and know they can get away with whatever they want so they are out of control . This is the real problem. I need support at my hearings. If people would support me, I could get a huge settlement in this case against Chase and use it to raise awareness of how corrupt the whole judicial system is.
    Thank you.
    David Soffer

  3. David Jones says:

    Does anyone have any information regarding GangStalking in San Diego? I have been a victim. I know one of the gangs and can provide a ton of info about them, how they work and where they live and where their RV is stationed. Please contact me if any Targeted Individuals want to get together and fight these criminals.

  4. Jared Masmela says:

    Look out for officer Bunband, Ray B, a parking enforcement officer. Haha. He gave me a ticket for being parked in an area that required a “permit” although there are absolutely 0 signs posted in the vacinity. I spoke with and warned him I was with a high profile company, working on the house I was parked accross from. And he assured me it would be no problem. He spun the block an hour later in his little 3 wheeler car and wrote me a ticket. Bad show of character officer…!

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