Justice for Stolen and Brutalized Lives by SD Law Enforcement

Dec 25, 2014 

In San Diego County,  we have no comprehensive record of the number of people killed by law enforcement. As stated in the Guardian’s The Counted “Such accounting is a prerequisite for an informed public discussion about the use of force by every branch of law enforcement.”

United Against Police Terror SD Uaptsd.org has documented well over 600 cases through local media of individuals killed by law enforcement agents in San Diego County from 1980 to the present through grassroots efforts. These 600+ LOCAL cases are evidence of a horrifying national epidemic of police terror. The victims of police violence were part of our society, but rarely are their lives or names publicized, or the real circumstances surrounding their deaths investigated and made known. United Against Police Terror aims to restore dignity to the lives lost. Though their lives have been stolen from us, we will not allow them to be forgotten.

The mission of UAPTSD’s campaign is to demand justice for the #SDSTOLENLIVES by full investigation of every documented life killed by police and while in police custody, and full transparency to each officers status and discipline that followed.

So far, Uaptsd counts with traditional reporting on witness statements, either through monitoring regional news outlets, research groups, police scanner info and open -source reporting projects – crediting appropriately though our creative commons mission.

What is included in Uaptsd #StolenLives database?

Any deaths arising directly from encounters with law enforcement – by both on and off duty as well as retired officers. This will inevitably include, but not be limited to, people who were shot, tasered and struck by LEO (government and state) officers vehicles, a high speed chase initiated by an officer which led to the death of person suspected of a crime and any bystanders, family members and domestic partners of law enforcement as well those who died in custody, including jails, prisons and immigrant detention centers. We also report on MTS and other private security companies which equipp guards with police grade weapons who have used brutal force which was responsible for their death.

UAPTSD also demands that law enforcement agencies establish an early warning system to identify officers who are involved in an inordinate number of inappropriate physical force incidents and cases of brutality. The incidents should then be investigated and the officers involved should be charged or disciplined depending on the severity of their misconduct.

Remember to connect what’s happening at a national level is also happening in San Diego, The same issues that were exposed in Ferguson are in San Diego. The system of power, White Supremacy, is well and alive in San Diego, hurting marginalized communities. Let’s make sure we seek justice for them. Let’s end the occupation of our communities by Police.

Victims Murdered by San Diego Law Enforcement


Victims Brutalized by San Diego Law Enforcement



Coalition Against Police Violence


3 Responses to Justice for Stolen and Brutalized Lives by SD Law Enforcement

  1. uaptsd says:

    Justice demanded for “Stolen Lives”
    United Against Police Terror San Diego group stages protest
    By Dave Rice, Jan. 4, 2016

  2. uaptsd says:

    Activists Call for Police Accountability in San Diego
    JANUARY 4, 2016 By Doug Porter

    This week local activist groups are throwing their cards on the table, demanding accountability for the actions of those tasked with protecting the public. Recent events, both locally and nationally, have demonstrated the threat of and/or use of force is essentially exempt from meaningful review. The checks and balances supposedly built into the system are failing on a regular basis.

    A list naming hundreds of persons killed by various agencies of law enforcement in San Diego going back to 1980 shows just how mundane lethal force has become in the city and county. A press conference by United Against Police Terror staged in front of police headquarters hopes to put a human face on those statistics.

    Frustrated by their attempts to work within the system to enhance citizen oversight of the San Diego Police Department, activists with Women Occupy –backed by 19 civic organizations– are submitting a ballot proposal to the city clerk to make the Citizens Review Board on Police Practices (CRB) truly independent and transparent.

  3. uaptsd says:

    SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – About a dozen people got together to demand justice for those who they say had their lives stolen at the hands of San Diego Law Enforcement.
    The group – which consisted of community activists and lawyers – said it’s asking for transparency and for independent reviews of officer-involved shootings.
    “We believe any institution that investigates itself has a built in conflict of interest … This must change,” said Martha Sullivan of Women Occupy San Diego.
    The group said they intend to file a ballot proposal Tuesday of a charter amendment to make a citizen review board on police practices truly independent.
    Meanwhile the police department released a statement in response to Monday’s gathering:
    “The San Diego Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality police services to America’s Finest City. We respect every person’s first amendment right to freedom of speech and to assemble peacefully to express their views.”
    The group said it’s hoping to build community pressure for a release of the full list of names from shooting deaths at the hands of San Diego Law Enforcement

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