Live Police Scanner

scanner-11San Diego Police Dispatch

Chula Vista Police and Fire

California Highway Patrol – Border Division

California Highway Patrol – Central

Escondido Police and Fire

La Mesa, El Cajon and Santee Police

San Diego County Sheriff – North Zone

San Diego County Sheriff – South Zone

San Diego County Police and Sheriff Codes


Ten Codes Note: CHP uses a different set of “ten-codes”
10-1 Receiving Poorly
10-2 Receiving Well
10-3 Change Channel
10-4 Acknowledge Message
10-5 Relay Message
10-6 Busy
10-7 Out of Service
10-8 In Service
10-9 Repeat?
10-10 Remain in Service
10-16 Prisoner
10-17 Report Routine
10-19 Return to Station
10-21 Phone ______
10-21H Phone your home
10-22 Disregard
10-23 Stand By
10-28 Vehicle Registration Check
10-29 Check for Wants/Warrants
10-34 Are you Clear?
10-35 Dangerous/Armed Person Alert
10-36 Time Check
10-41 Beginning of Shift
10-42 End of Shift
10-46 Assist Motorist
10-53 Road Blocked
10-60 Attempt to Contact
10-87 Meet the officer
10-88 Request Cover Unit
10-89 Bomb Threat
10-92 Radio Check
10-97 Arrived at Scene
10-98 Finished last Assignment (CHP uses only)
Eleven Codes

11-6 Discharging Firearm
11-7 Prowler
11-8 Person Down
11-10 Take a Report
11-12 Injured Animal
11-13 Dead Animal
11-14 Dog Bite
11-15 Ball game in Street
11-27 Felony Record, No Want
11-28 Misdemeanor Record, No Want
11-29 No Want
11-30 Incomplete Phone Call
11-31 Calling for Help (other than officer)
11-40 Notify if Ambulance Needed
11-41 Ambulance Needed
11-42 Ambulance Not Needed
11-44 Coroner’s Case
11-45 Suicide
11-46 Death
11-47 Injured Person
11-48 Provide Transportation
11-49 Vehicle Stop
11-50 Vehicle Stop, license check
11-51 Ped Stop / FI (Field Investigation)
11-52 Status Check
11-53 Security Check
11-55 Hazardous/Chemical spill
11-60 Water Leak
11-66 Traffic Lights Out
11-71 Fire
11-80 Accident, Serious Injury
11-81 Accident, Minor Injury
11-82 Accident, No Injury Property Only
11-83 Accident, No Details
11-84 Traffic Control
11-85 Tow Truck
11-86 Special Detail
11-88 Citizen Assist
11-99 Officer Needs Help
Disposition Codes for SDPD

A Arrest Made
K No Report Required
R Report Made
U Unfounded

SDPD Police “Codes”

Code 3 Expedite Cover
Code 4 No Further Help Needed
Code 5 Stakeout
Code 6 Remain Clear of Area (Marked Units)
Code 7 Lunch
Code 8 Restroom Break
Code 10 SWAT Alert
Code 11 SWAT Staging Location

Sheriff’s Terms

37F Felony Want
37M Misdemeanor Want
37T Traffic Want
Code Blue Bus or Taxi in Trouble

CNA Contacted and Adviced
ONS Officer Notification System (Ex: Your subject has an ONS for gangs” means the person is a known gang member

ClEAR MO Clear of Warrants with Marshall’s Office

Station Identifiers for the County of San Diego

Station A San Diego Police
Station B San Diego Lifeguard
Station C Chula Vista Police
Station C Carlsbad Police
Station D San Diego Community College Police
Station D Coronado Police
Station F San Diego Fire
Station G San Diego Distrcit Attorney’s Office
Station H Escondido Police
Station K El Cajon Police
Station K San Diego City School Police
Station L San Diego Sheriff Court Services
Station M San Diego County Sheriff
Station N News Media / Stringer
Station O Oceanside Police
Station Q National City Police
Station R San Diego County Search & Rescue
Station S SDSU Police
Station X County of San Diego Communications Center
Station X County Lifeguards
Station X County Probation
Station 1 La Mesa Police

Station; Identifiers for the County of San Diego Sheriff

Station; 10 SDSO Admin / Crime Lab
Station; 20 SDSO Encinitas
Station; 30 SDSO Vista
Station; 32 SDSO Fallbrook
Station; 40 SDSO Poway
Station; 50 SDSO Santee
Station; 52 SDSO Alpine
Station; 60 SDSO Lemon Grove
Station; 70 SDSO Imperial Beach
Station; 80 SDSO Rural
Station; 82 SDSO Borrego Springs
Station; 90 SDSO San Marcos

Department Identifiers for the County of San Diego Sheriff

Alpha- Juvenile Hall Detention Facility
Bravo- Adult Supervision
Delta- General Services
Golf- Parks and Recreation
November- Agriculture
Omega- Medical Examiner
Probe- Probation Deperatment
Radar- Radio Technicians
Rebel- Sanitation
Red Cross- Red Cross
Tango- Humane Society
Yankee- Office of Diaster Preparedness

PC, CVC, H&S, W&I Code
PC = Penal Code, W&I = Welfare and Institutions Codes
CVC = California Vehicle Code, H & S = Health and Safety Code

PC 146A Impersonating An Officer
PC 148 Resisting Arrest
PC 187 Homicide
PC 192 Manslaughter
PC 206 Torture
PC 207 Kidnapping
PC 211 Armed Robbery
PC 215 Car Jacking
PC 220 Assault W/ Intent To Commit Rape Or Robbery
PC 240 Assault Code
PC 241 Assault (On Peace Officer)
PC 242 Battery
PC 245 Assault With Deadly Weapon
PC 246 Shooting At Dwelling
PC 261 Rape
PC 266 Pimping & Pandering
PC 271 Child Abuse
PC 272 Contributing To Delinquency Of Minor
PC 273.5 Domestic Violence With Injuries
PC 288 Sex Crimes Against Minor
PC 314 Indecent Exposure
PC 330 Illegal Gambling
PC 374 Dumping
PC 415 Disturbing The Peace
PC 415 DV Disturbing Peace Domestic Violence
PC 417 Displaying Weapon In Rude Or Threatening Manner
PC 422 Making Terroristic Threats
PC 451 Arson
PC 459 Burglary
PC 470 Forgery
PC 487 Grand Theft
PC 488 Petty Theft
PC 496 Possession Of Stolen Property
PC 503 Embezzlement
PC 518 Extortion
PC 537 Defraud Innkeeper/Taxi
PC 586 Illegal Parking (Sdpd)
PC 594 Vandalism
PC 597 Animal Abuse
PC 602 Trespassing
PC 602.5 Breaking And Entering
PC 647 Disorderly Conduct
PC 647A Lewd Act In Public
PC 647B Prostitution
PC 647C Begging
PC 647D Lewd Act In Public Toilet
PC 647E Loitering
PC 647F Drunk In Public
PC 647K Peeping Tom
PC 647I Illegal Lodging
PC 653F Soliciting To Commit Felony
PC 653M Making Annoying Phone Calls
PC 653X 911 Abuse
CVC 4000A Unregistered Vehicle
W&I 5150 Danger To Self Or Others (Mental)
CVC 10851 Stolen Vehicle
CVC 10852 Tampering With Vehicle
CVC 10853 Vandalizing Vehicle
H&S 11350 Poss. Of A Controlled Narcotic
H&S 11377 Poss Of A Controlled Substance
H&S 11383 Manuf. A Controlled Substance
PC 12020 Poss Of Illegal Weapon
PC 12021 Felon Poss Of Deadly Weapon
PC 12025 Carrying Concealed Weapon (No Permit)
PC 12031 Loaded Firearm In Vehicle
PC 12034 Shooting From Vehicle
PC 12220 Poss. Of Illegal Weapon
PC 12276 Poss Of Assault Weapon
CVC 12500 Driving Without License
CVC 14601 Driving With Suspended License
CVC 20001 Hit And Run
CVC 20002 Hit And Run Property Damage
CVC 20003 Hit And Run With Injury Or Death
CVC 21650 Driving On Wrong Side Of Road
CVC 22348 Speeding Golf
CVC 22350 Driving Unsafe Speed For Conditions
CVC 22450 Failing To Stop At Stop Sign
CVC 22500 Illegal Parking
CVC 23103 Reckless Driving
CVC 23110 Throwing Object From Vehicle
CVC 23152 Driving Under Influence
CVC 23153 Drunk Driving Accident Causing Injury
CVC 23222 Open Container Alcohol In Vehicle

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