A Scandal by Any Other Name


Ci9DOa6UoAIJ2Vc Car 1444, which now enjoys cult status for on-duty involvement in OPD’s rape scandal

Since evidence first surfaced that Oakland police officers engaged in statutory rape and prostitution with a minor, many police activists have understandably celebrated the daily hail of resignations and the fluid chain of failed replacement and interim police chiefs, as one “scandal” after another fells the pretenders—first Chief Sean Whent, then Fairow, then Figueroa. This is all a naturally amusing and healthy schadenfreude over a police force that has gotten away with murder for decades. But the consistent focus on politically oriented and falsely constructed “sex scandals” has occulted the actual processes of police corruption and violence and network of secrecy and protection at OPD.

To get to the heart of the matter, we should be using the appropriate language to discuss this current, and very narrowly focused “scandal”. This is not a sex scandal—the online…

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