UAPTSD.ORG’S Copwatch Log Entry Form

To be filled out when Cop-watchers engage and document interactions with police when responding to dispatch calls.

UAPTSD.ORG’S Copwatch Log Entry Form
IT IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO USE YOUR BEST DISCRETION WHEN GOING TO A SCENE TO COPWATCH, please go with at least one other community member you trust, keep a reasonable distance, have a fellow community member film you filming the police. also please see the following links and image below to better aid in knowing your rights when filming police. *INFORMATION SUBMITTED ON THIS FORM WILL REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL. Uaptsd,org is not responsible for the actions of law enforcement. PLEASE BE SAFE!

Responses when asked “Why are you filming me?”
“I have the right to observe and document police activity”
“Cameras provide accountability”
“I am creating an objective reference for all parties involved”
“I am at a reasonable distance and am not interfering with your investigation”
“If you are not doing anytjing wrong, then you have nothing to hide”
For San Diegans especially; “Officers BWC footage is not available to the public, therefore we are documenting what we can view in plain sight and in public spaces, etc”

KYR’s when filming from the ACLU

Law enforcement officers will often question you
if you are holding up a smartphone or camera and
capturing video or taking photos of them. You have
very important and basic rights in this regard:

When in public spaces, you can photograph
anything that is in plain sight.

When on private property, the property owner
may set the rules about taking photos.

Police officers cannot confiscate or demand
to view your digital photos or video without a

Police officers cannot delete your photos or video
under any circumstances.

As long as you are not interfering with legitimate
law enforcement operations, they cannot order
you to stop filming.

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