UPDATE 55 SDStolenLives KILLED by Immigration Customs Enforcement and “Protection” & CA &US Border Patrol in SD County

UPDATE 55 #SDStolenLives KILLED by Customs Enforcement and “Protection” & CA. Border Patrol in SD County and counting from 1985 to the present SOME OF THEM UNKNOWN! 

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  1. Alexander Martin Border Patrol
  2. Guillermo Martinez Rodriguez Border Patrol
  3. Jose Alfredo Yanez Border Patrol
  4. Anastasio Hernandez Rojas Border Patrol/ US Customs
  5. Enrique Estrada Rodriguez CBP
  6. Ernesto Gutierrez Cortez CBP
  7. Francisco Antonio Bernal Moreno CBP
  8. Francisco Manuel Cesena CBP
  9. Humberto Robles Valenzuela CBP
  10. Jesus Flores-Cruz CBP
  11. Juan Resendiz Hernandez CBP
  12. Leonel Valenzuela CBP
  13. Luis Fernandez Bonilla CBP
  14. Maria Resendiz CBP
  15. Mathew Simmons CBP
  16. Oscar Abel Cordoba Velez CBP
  17. Oscar Abraham Garcia CBP
  18. Ramon Garcia CBP
  19. Raymundo Sanchez CBP
  20. Rayshaun Cole CBP
  21. Roberto Perez Perez CBP
  22. Ronald Lee “Hawk” Deugan CBP
  23. Valeria Tachiquin CBP
  24. Victor Mandujano Navarro CBP
  25. Francisco Castañeda Died in ICE Custody
  26. Ignasio Sarabia-Vallasenor Died in ICE Custody
  27. Julio Martinez Died in ICE Custody
  28. Marjorie Annmarie Bell Died in ICE Custody
  29. Roberto Ledesman-Guerreo Died in ICE Custody
  30. Yusif OsmanDied in ICE Custody
  31. Martín García Martínez  INS
  32. Daniel Robert Avila OC Sheriff, Border Patrol
  33. Luis Eduardo Hernandez Run Over by CBP
  34. Jose Carlos Martinez Carrillo Run Over by CBP
  35. Julio Arroyo Zaragoza SDPD/CBP
  36. Sonserra Holloway SDPD/CBP
  37. Benito A. GonzalezU.S. Border Patrol
  38. Eduardo Garcia Zamores US Border Patrol/ Customs
  39. Eliseo Santos Carmona US Border Patrol/ Customs
  40. Daniel Toro López US Border Patrol/ Customs
  41. Ettore Capitumini US Border Patrol/ Customs
  42. Gonzalo Cardena Solorza US Border Patrol/ Customs
  43. José Angel Leobardo Márquez US Border Patrol/ Customs
  44. Jose Carlos Martinez Carrillo – Run Over by CBP
  45. Leopoldo Sanchez Urutia (Mex. BP Agent) – CBP
  46. Pablo Antunes Lopez – Ran Over by CBP
  47. Gabriel Hernandez Lozano – Ran Over by CBP
  48. Francisco Antonio Bernal Moreno – CBP
  49. Jose Manuel Peralta Camacho – SDPD, CBP
  50. Unknown – CBP, SDPD  – 5/19/1986
  51. Unknown – CBP – 8/23/1986
  52. Steven Bernal – CBP
  53. K.C. Janulaitis – CBP
  54. Anthony Scott Tyler – CBP
  55. Unknown – CBP – 12/14/1986
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