San Diego PD Admits to No Body Cam From Officer Involved Shooting in Midway District

Mobilization Saturday May 9th, 7pm
3201 Hancock St, San Diego, CA 92110

Reporting San Diego

body cam

May 2, 2015 (San Diego) San Diego Police released the name of the officer and the person who died in an officer involved shooting early last thurday. The officer is 27 year veteran of the force Neal N Bowder. The person who died was identified as Fridoon Zalberg Rawshannehad, 42 from San Diego.

According to reporting by NBC Officer Bowder did not have his body camera on when the encounter behind a dark alley occurred. This encounter was at the 3200 block of Hancock street.

This raises multiple questions since thre is no tape of the encounter. There is leeway in the policy if an officer is ambushed, but this appears to be the case. So at this point, we do not know if policy was violated, or what actually led to the lethal encounter.

From other media reporting we know that the store clerk called 911, and according to…

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