on what it means to be anti-police and pro-black


Facebook post by Justice Gaines:

“I’ma try to be clear for y’all cause I’m seeing this phrase that gives me a lot of concern.

To be pro-Black you must be anti-police. Not anti-person-in-police-uniform. Not anti-cop. But you must be anti-police.

Understand the difference here. You cannot support the institution of police in this country and meaningfully say my life matters. The police system was founded on anti-Blackness. It has evolved and been adapted as a function to maintain white supremacy at all costs. It is a crux of anti-Black oppression.

Being anti-police does not mean you think cops should be killed. Being anti-police does not mean you don’t see cops as people.

The reason people are afraid or unable to say that they are anti-police is because it is construed and conflated with violence against police officers, which is a tactic of anti-Blackness.

The system of law enforcement in this…

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