Communique for Prison Solidarity Action- Sept 9 StrAPT

Strike Against Police Terror

Strike Against Police Terror(StrAPT) is calling for Prison Solidarity Actions to support the nation-wide Prison Strike on this September 9th. The more autonomous actions in solidarity with prisoners, the better. This large scale coordinated work strike of prisoners is a model that we could all learn from. StrAPT is in full support of a collective relearning of the Strike as an under-utilized historical tactic. As workers/consumers we have the power to withhold our work and or withdraw from the economy in an organized fashion to strike blows towards those in positions of influence whom are directly responsible for our exploitation and even genocide.

Strikes and work stoppages are the same tactics that have won us the 8 hour work day, the weekend, and other such small concessions from the State. But what would it mean for us to demand the “impossible” or the necessary? To demand for the complete abolition…

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