#SDSheriffs Killed 96 People since 1980

In the time it took for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department to both meet and get back to People over Profits-SD The Sheriff’s KILLED 3 People; #SergioWeick 32, #TrentonLohman 38, & #DavidMichaelMoya 31
Making a total of 96 recorded killed since 1980
United Against Police Terror – San Diego is putting a call out for all folks
who want to hold the #SDSheriffs accountable by remembering#SDStolenLives and continuing to turn out for events supporting their families.
Next one,Justice for Sergio Weick Killed by San Diego Sheriff’s is TOMORROW from 3-6pm at Bronze Way, Vista, CA 92083

Also, the count down to O22/October 22nd Nat’l Day of Protest Against Police Terror Repression and Criminalization of a Generation.

THIS is also the anniversary of when #SDSherrifs sent hate mail toUaptsd.org stating Ferguson protesters are “animals” and “Good luck, your going to need it” (sic)

Coverage by Liam Dillon of Voice of San Diego
A group who is extremely critical of police agencies received a message on Wednesday heavy with profanity, defending police and calling police protesters from Ferguson “animals.” In an era of internet anonymity, the message style is unfortunately common; less common is the digital fingerprint on the message that indicates the message originated from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. A department representative said it appears to have come from the department and officials are investigating, Liam Dillon reports.

See the full article Sheriff Launches Internal Investigation Into Hate Mail Sent to Activist Group https://goo.gl/2D6zaZ

Mark Bartlett with Chris Mckay and 47 others.

DAY 73 UPDATE (PLEASE SHARE): #POPSD has received a response from the San Diego County Probation/Sheriff’s dept. in regards to a follow-up meeting to review some of the action items and concerns that were brought to the table during our first meeting on August 2nd. The Supervising Probation Officer that overseas the Work Furlough and RRC contracts at the CCA facility indicated that they have reviewed our action items and concerns and have concluded that a follow-up meeting was not necessary as they would look into the issues and handle the concerns INTERNALLY as needed. They basically went against their word after we had initially agreed at the end of our last meeting to follow-up with another discussion in 30-45 days to go over some of the concerns and actions items that were presented. This follow-up discussion was arranged so that we can attempt to bridge the gap with effective communication by having on-going dialogue that could have strengthen the relationship between the PEOPLE OF SD and Law Enforcement agencies. This is a slap in the face to the PEOPLE of San Diego and goes to show why there continues to be a distrust between Law Enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. How are you supposed to strengthen relationships with communities when you are going against your word and refusing to have further dialogue about the injustices in the facilities that you have contracts with. We demand ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANSPARENCY! This was an opportunity for local law enforcement agencies to help bridge that gap and they have failed miserably. The injustices that occur at these facilities will be exposed to the WORLD and there is no turning back now. Richard Miller Gonzalo Mendez San Diego County Probation San Diego County Sheriff’s DepartmentGreg Cox Lorena Gonzalez Shirley Weber Georgette Gomez Marti Emerald David Alvarez Myrtle Cole Dave Roberts Ricardo Lara Toni Atkins

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