Via PRC San Diego, Council on American–Islamic Relations & Women Occupy San Diego to SDPD Chief Zimmerman

Please find attached your copy of the open letter from the President of the Board of the Peace Resource Center of San Diego WWW.PRCSD.ORG to @Chief Zimmerman concerning this week’s CATO Symposium on Islamic Terrorism in Escondido (Aug 24/25).

The main presenter, Ryan Mauro, has been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an extremist who advocates the profiling of Muslims simply based on their religious affiliation. We are in support of the recent recommendations by the Council on American–Islamic Relations to Chief Zimmerman and hope your organizations will also comment on this problematic training.

Although CATO (California Association of Tactical Officers) is not under the jurisdiction of the SDPD, police officials can and should direct its officers to the type of police training that promotes community safety.

A search of CATO shows that its members can only be either law enforcement and/or military- that connection shows just how militarized our community police have become. Their home page is a homage to high-end weaponry.

Women Occupy – San Diego brought up this problematic police training at the Community Review Board on Police Practices, please consider attending their meetings,

Anne Barron
Board Member, Peace Resource Center of San Diego

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