The Homeless and the All Star Game

“What would you do if a police officer threatened to arrest you for trying to share a sandwich with a desperately hungry homeless woman that really needed it? Such a notion sounds absolutely bizarre, but this is actually happening in major cities all over the United States. More than 50 large U.S. cities have adopted “anti-camping” or “anti-food sharing” laws in recent years, and in many of these cities the police are strictly enforcing these laws. Sometimes the goal appears to be to get the homeless people to go away. Apparently the heartless politicians that are passing these laws believe that if the homeless can’t get any more free food and if they keep getting thrown into prison for “illegal camping” they will eventually decide to go somewhere else where they won’t be hassled so much.”

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2 Responses to The Homeless and the All Star Game

  1. Keely Kiczenski says:

    SDPD has increased property sweeps on homeless encampments from weekly to DAILY in the past few months, and they’re even breaking their own rules by doing it between 9pm and 530am.
    AND they’re telling people to move along for just being present and standing on certain sidewalks.
    AND they’ve threatened legal action against anyone who tries to distribute food or water.
    AND they’ve completely failed to investigate or even publicize the violent murders of homeless people in recent weeks. I’ve gotten conflicting reports that anywhere from 6-12 people have had their heads bashed in with rocks in the middle of the night and I can’t even find anything about on the news or police websites. My friends are being starved, raped, robbed, and literally murdered daily now on the streets of San Diego, and the cops don’t care as long as they’re gone.

    The all-star game events take place from July 8-12 and during those days news and media outlets from all over the world will be here. We cannot waste the opportunity for real attention to be brought to these injustices to initiate change. I hope I can count on UAPTSD support. There is a meeting to plan action tonight 6/29 at 6:30 at the Grassroots Oasis. Please attend if you can.

    • uaptsd says:

      Thank you! Actually know comrades who run Grassroots Oasis and are planning more actions with Think Dignity as soon as posible. Unfortunately, we dont have the capability to attend meetings and travel to Point Loma, We’ll keep ourselves in the loop as far as upciming actions, please keep in touch with us 619-839-9244, reach out when you can Thank you! Keep up the fight!

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