#BLMSD #BlackLivesMatterSD Statement by Founder

This San Diego Black Lives Matter page is meant to be a safe space for productive collaboration towards our mutual goal of fighting for Black Liberation. We regret that organizers associated with the San Diego Black Lives Matter group have engaged in behaviors and attitudes that are incongruent with the core principles and beliefs of the national organization, Black Lives Matter. Please find those core principles and beliefs, here:

Please note that for the time being, all page administrators have been removed without bias pending resolution. This proactive measure is necessary in order to avoid further escalation while we are in process. Our work is ongoing and we are committed to repairing the harm, holding ourselves accountable and preventing incidents of this nature going forward. San Diego Black Lives Matter group is in the process of seeking recognition by the national organization as an official chapter. We hope to soon be in a position to continue to support and empower the community and better represent all Black Lives in the San Diego area.

San Diego Black Lives Matter sincerely apologizes to anyone who has been harmed, triggered or intimidated or subjected any form of violence or aggression in any interactions with our group. Please do not hesitate to reach out via Facebook Message if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Mahnani K. Clay

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