Mass Incarceration and Police: A Long Policy Look

Reporting San Diego

detroit-1943element144 Detroit Riots: 1947

Jan 15, 2016(San Diego) When Ferguson happened many of us started to look at the policy of mass incarceration. There were themes that emerged that many of us, naive that we were, thought were new. Among these points are police accountability and police professionalization.

The government even reacted in ways that surprised some of us, including the extreme use of force. It should not. Police forces have been used to repress and keep people down. Whether this was the Zoot suit riots in 1943 in Los Angeles, when police not just looked the other way, but actively participated, or the Detroit riots of 1968 or 1947. After each riot, excuses were made about why police needed more equipment to contain civil disobedience. This led to the militarization of the police, which did not start on 911. It started rather, in 1967.

Back then it started with things…

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