State Of City Address Street Theater / Rally

Join Artful Activist San Diego, United Against Police Terror – San Diego and Overpass Light Brigade – San Diego for visual demonstrations on what Faulconer IS NOT ADDRESSING.

When Thursday January 14th at 4 PM – 6 PM

Where  Balboa Theatre – San Diego 868 4th Ave, San Diego, California 92101

Mayor Faulconer, the mayor elected with smallest percentage of voter turnout in 30 years, IMMEDIATELY vetoed raising the minimum wage.

*Faulconer has done nothing about the lack of oversight by Law Enforcement Agencies and the violence officers are imposing on the City of San Diego, his office’s DA (Bonnie Dumanis) fights with federal courts about body camera footage disclosure.
List of lives stolen at the hands of SD Law Enforcement (collected on a grassroots level)
Lives brutalized by SD Law Enforcement

*Faulconer has stayed silent about the “Tiny House” programs which started around the county and when tried to be implicated here the SDPD arrested and destroyed a homeless person’s Tiny dwelling.
Homeless man arrested for his donated tiny house – 10News

*Faulconer was also was a guest Speaker for one of the most controversal political consultation group’s annual conference; ALEC, this group is known to rob city penisons funds and nunerous other human right violations.

*Faulconer is BAD for the people, BAD for San diego, leading the majority into the same poverty.

This is not what San Diego needs, come rise with us, let the Mayor know this is not going to be the New Year he wants, This is our city.

We will be doing the Light Brigade if enough respond to this event, the flush the politician game, and some projections as well.


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