Update 87 SDStolenLives KILLED by Immigration Customs Enforcement and “Protection” & CA &US Border Patrol in SD County


87 from 1980 to the present 24% OF THEM UNKNOWN! 

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Full list can be found here https://uaptsd.org/victims/stolen-lives-killed-by-sd-law-enforcement/

  1. Alexander Martin Border Patrol 3/15/2012 34 yrs old
  2. Alvaro Vega-HaroSDPD, CBP 4/10/1989 39 yrs old
  3. Anastasio Hernandez Rojas CBP 5/28/2010 42 yrs old
  4. Anthony Scott Tyler CBP 10/21/1986 24 yrs old
  5. Benito A. Gonzalez CBP 5/31/2007 40  yrs old
  6. Carlos Hernandez Reyes CBP, SDPD 1/27/1988 24 yrs old
  7. Claudia Garcia Chased into traffic CBP 11/5/1992 20 yrs old
  8. Daniel Robert Avila OC Sheriff, CBP 8/4/2015 55 yrs old
  9. Daniel Toro López CBP3/27/1999 26 yrs old
  10. Eduardo Garcia Zamores CBP 11/18/1990 15 yrs old
  11. Elise0 CBP1/23/1996 24 yrs old
  12. Enrique Estrada Rodriguez CBP 3/?/1988 yrs old
  13. Ernesto Gutierrez Cortez CBP 10/21/2013 38 yrs old
  14. Ettore Capitumini CBP5/22/1998 85 yrs old
  15. Francisco Antonio Bernal Moreno CBP 4/1/1986 23 yrs old
  16. Francisco CastañedaDied in ICE Custody 2/16/2008 39 yrs old
  17. Francisco Manuel Cesena CBP 12/24/2014 40 yrs old
  18. Gabriel Hernandez Lozano Ran Over by CBP3/30/1986 49 yrs old
  19. Gonzalo Cardena Solorza CBP3/27/1999 25 yrs old
  20. Gonzalo Perez Chased off cliff by CBP2/20/1993 21 yrs old
  21. Guillermo Martinez Rodriguez CBP 12/0/2005 18 yrs old
  22. Hugo Cisneros Ramirez Chased Off Cliff by CBP4/7/1992 20 yrs old
  23. Humberto Robles Valenzuela CBP 11/2/1990 33 yrs old
  24. Ignasio Sarabia-VallasenorDied in ICE Custody1/4/2005 33 yrs old
  25. Jesus Flores-Cruz CBP2/18/2014 41 yrs old
  26. John Pellegrino CBP 12/19/1987 25 yrs old
  27. Jose Alfredo Yanez CBP6/21/2011 40 yrs old
  28. José Angel Leobardo Márquez CBP3/27/1999 39 yrs old
  29. Jose Carlos Martinez Carrillo Run Over by CBP6/9/1991 20 yrs old
  30. Jose Manuel Peralta Camacho SDPD, CBP4/27/1986 20 yrs old
  31. Juan Resendiz Hernandez CBP 8/19/1987 42 yrs old
  32. Julio Arroyo Zaragoza SDPD, CBP5/4/1985 33 yrs old
  33. Julio Martinez Died in ICE Custody1/4/2009 53 yrs old
  34. K.C. Janulaitis CBP 10/5/1986 43 yrs old
  35. Leonel Valenzuela CBP 9/29/1998 38 yrs old
  36. Leopoldo Sanchez Urutia (Mex. Customs)CBP 11/19/1985 51 yrs old
  37. Luis Eduardo Hernandez Hernandez Ran Over by CBP 8/20/1989 14 yrs old
  38. Maria Resendiz CBP1/18/1990 17  yrs old
  39. Mario Perez Jasso CBP, SDPD 1/27/1988 21  yrs old
  40. Marjorie Annmarie Bell Died in ICE custody 2/13/2014 48  yrs old
  41. Martín García MartínezINS6/3/1994 30  yrs old
  42. Martin Lopez CBP1/4/1989 21 yrs old
  43. Oscar Abel Cordoba Velez CBP 9/28/1998 23 yrs old
  44. Oscar Abraham Garcia CBP5/18/2006 22yrs old
  45. Pablo Antunes Lopez Ran Over by CBP 3/2/1986 27 yrs old
  46. Paul Iozzio Jr.Ran Over by Off Duty CBP 9/18/1993 26 yrs old
  47. Rafael Alexander Vasquez CBP, SDPD 3/28/1988
  48. Ramon Garcia CBP 8/21/1990 66 yrs old
  49. Raymond T. Higgs CBP 4/18/1988 37 yrs old
  50. Raymundo Sanchez CBP 8/30/1999 30 yrs old
  51. Rayshaun Cole CBP 10/17/2015 30 yrs old
  52. Roberto Ledesman-Guerrero Died in ICE Custody 12/2/2005 72 yrs old
  53. Roberto Perez Perez In CBP Custody1/13/2011 63yrs old
  54. Ronald Lee “Hawk” Deugan CBP 2/1/2008 49yrs old
  55. Sabino Silva Chavez CBP1/4/1989 24yrs old
  56. Sonserra Holloway Undercover CBP2/3/2000 20yrs old
  57. Steven Bernal CBP 5/13/1986
  58. Steven Keith Died in Custody 12/24/2013 58 yrs old
  59. Unknown CBP 8/23/1986 (police report said. The man threw another piece of wood at Szymczak before fleeing. Others who had been watching the events from a levee pelted the officer with rocks and debris)
  60. Unknown CBP 12/14/1986  (reach into his pocket, pull out an object that also looked like a gun, and advance toward the officers “between 20 to 30 times,” in the abdomen and seriously wounding the other)
  61. Unknown CBP 6/22/1987  (shot and killed a man who allegedly attempted to run over the agent with a truck that was filled with migrants)
  62. Unknown CBP 12/20/1987  (walked toward the officers, and one man, who was wearing a ski mask, pointed what appeared to be a gun at the officers, officers fired several shots, one of which struck the man in the head, killing him instantly, agents found a plastic gun at the scene)
  63. Unknown CBP 12/28/1989
  64. Unknown CBP 12/28/1989  (Four agents opened fire on a group of alleged thieves killing two of them, after the assailants surrounded the officers and appeared poised to attack at Border Field State Park)
  65. Unknown CBP Pursuit 10/25/2001
  66. Unknown CBP Pursuit 10/25/2001 (agents who sought to stop a pickup with migrants before it crashed in eastern San Diego County, killing two people and injuring 19)
  67. Unknown CBP, SDPD 5/19/1986 ( shot killed by Border Crimes Unit after pointing a branch covered in clothes, police say resembled a gun)
  68. Unknown CBP, SDPD 12/2/1987  (Police found after the incident that the handgun held by the man who confronted police was fake)
  69. Unknown CBP, SDPD 12/2/1987  (A pair of scissors and a knife were found in the other man’s possession)
  70. Unknown CBP, SDPD 10/17/1988 ( allegedly jumped from a bush north of the border, pointed what appeared to be a rifle and shouted “Don’t move!” in Spanish. Police declined to identify the man, who died of multiple gunshot wounds, but said he was holding a plastic toy rifle when he was killed.)
  71. Unknown CBP, SDPD 12/21/1988
  72. Unknown CBP, SDPD 12/21/1988 (Two men believed to be border bandits were shot to death shortly after 8 p.m. Wednesday, after they opened fire on police and Border Patrol agents just north of the international border)
  73. Unknown Died in CBP Custody 2/7/1988 (arrested on suspicion of entering the country illegally, collapsed shortly after his arrival at the Border Patrol detention center in San Ysidro)
  74. Unknown Died in INS Holding Cell 8/29/1988 22 yrs old
  75. Unknown Pursuit CBP 8/23/1989  (An unidentified woman was killed Wednesday after she ran the U. S. Border Patrol checkpoint in San Clemente and lost control of her car after a brief chase)
  76. Unknown SDPD, CBP 8/30/1986 ( A San Diego County deputy sheriff was wounded and a Mexican national was killed early Saturday in a shoot-out between the San Diego Border Crime Unit and a group of illegal aliens.)
  77. Unknown*CBP 9/4/1995 ( A Mexican citizen who had just been apprehended by U.S. Border Patrol agents was killed late Monday when a government vehicle he was riding in plunged down a steep embankment.)
  78. Unknown*CBP 3/9/2000 ( A trucker was shot and killed during a confrontation with U.S. customs agents The confrontation occurred at the Otay Mesa border crossing. No customs agents were injured in the incident. The trucker, from Baja California, died at the scene.)
  79. Unknown*Chased into Traffic by CBP 9/20/2000 ( A man who was struck and killed by a car on Interstate 5 on Wednesday night was running from a Border Patrol agent after being taken into custody, a Border Patrol spokesman said yesterday.
    The agent had handcuffed the man, who then pulled away and ran onto the freeway near the border checkpoint)
  80. Unknown*Crash in CBP Custody 5/1/1995
  81. Unknown*Crash in CBP Custody 5/1/1995
  82. Unknown*Crash in CBP Custody 5/1/1995  (collided head-on with a pickup truck, killing three people and injuring 16. Border Patrol officials called the crash — on state Route 94 2 miles northwest of Otay Lakes Road — one of the worst involving a load of undocumented migrants in county history)
  83. Valeria Tachiquin CBP 9/28/2012 32 yrs old
  84. Victor Leobardo Diaz Martinez
  85. Federal Treasury Police 11/5/1993 27 yrs old
  86. VÌctor Mandujano Navarro CBP 9/8/1990 17 yrs old
  87. Yusif Osman Died in ICE Custody 6/27/2006 34 yrs old
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