As of 12/19/2015 512 #SDStolenLives recorded by


As of 12/19/2015 512 #SDStolenLives recorded by, We are also documenting incidents where media labels the victim as “unknown”. THE HIGHEST AGE BRACKET OF THOSE KILLED; 18 TO 24

17 and under = 3%, 18 to 24 = 19%, 25 to 30 = 17%, 31 to 35 = 12%, 36 to 40 = 12%, 41 to 50 = 8%, 51 to 60 = 6%, 61+ = 4%, AGE

At’s inception in 2014, we had about 180 recorded, digging deeper into history, we’re finding so many more. Every life law enforcement stole, mattered. Every name counts, that’s we are tracking San Diego’s counted

United Against Police Terror – San Diego has also launched campaigns to End Gang Injunctions in San Diego and to also End Curfew Sweeps in San Diego *THE YOUNGEST KILLED; Hannah Rogers-Grippi, an unarmed expecting mother was tased by Chula Vista PD when she tried to go into her home to avoid them on 12/15/2001, Losing her 6 month old fetus due to the taser.

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