In general, officers may make arrests while off duty and in civilian clothes. Some jurisdictions go so far as to require that an officer be armed within jurisdiction so that they can always take police action. Officers with take home cruisers are generally expected to make arrests and issue citations.

CASES IN POINT! ‪#‎ValeriaMuniqueTachiquin‬ & ‪#‎SteveFoley‬

Steve Foley, a former linebacker in the NFL who played for the San Diego Chargers was shot outside his house by off-duty San Diego Police Officer Aaron Mansker on September 3 2006.

6 years later…

In September 2012 ‪#‎JUSTINTACKET‬ SHOT AND KILLED 32-year-old Valeria Munique Tachiquin, mother of five about five miles north of the Mexican border as him and OTHER plainclothes agents were looking to serve a felony warrant in the area to someone other than Valeria.

Hector Salazar, one of several neighbors who witnessed the incident, said he saw a man in civilian clothes on the hood of a black car aiming a gun at the windshield.

Salazar told U-T San Diego the man started pulling the trigger, and he heard about five shots. Moments later, other plainclothes agents approached the car, he said.

THOUGH ‪#‎VALERIA‬ was MURDERED BY THESE PLAIN CLOTHED PIGS, the person named in the warrant the agents were serving was NOT apprehended .

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