Solidarity with Mizzou: Black Feminism and the Black Radical Tradition

As people change their Facebook profile pictures to the French flag, writing hashtags like #PrayforParis or #PrayfortheWorld, white liberal and conservative media has taken the time to disregard the Mizzou protesters as delinquent and ungrateful. Interestingly, the same people who continually assert the racist phrase AllLivesMatter are the same people changing their profile pictures after the recent attacks, completely ignoring the attacks on Syrian refugees, Kenyans, and Nigerians. France, a predominately white Western country, is seen in the U.S imaginary as a similar victim of “terrorism”, where terrorism is only seen as being inflicted on the Western world ignoring the terrorism and state-sanctioned violence being inflicted domestically and abroad.

It is obvious then who the U.S values and what it values: white supremacy and nationalism.

Black students at the University of Missouri declared a national day of action on Wednesday November 18, 2015. Black students across universities in the united…

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