Body Cameras and San Diego PD

Reporting San Diego

Nov 4, 2015 (San Diego) San Diego Police sold city council on body cameras since it would increase trust and transparency with the citizens they serve. Yet, we have had now two critical incidents where people died that the cameras were not on. Here is where policy comes in. Policy that is enforced across the board.

When officer Officer Neal Browder, a 27 year veteran of the force did not record the death of Fridoon Zalbeg Rawshannehad the policy was revised. Before that incident, officers turned their cameras when they reached a scene, now they were to turn them on before they reached the scene. Preferably at dispatch time.

It was a reasonable change in the policy and reflected a department that was just starting to implement a program that can be problematic. There are many issues to be dealt with, ranging from civil rights to privacy rights involved in…

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