Today at 11:30am at 9621 Ridgehaven Ct, 92123 Uaptsd’s Press Conference in Response to SD Sheriff’s Hate Mail

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Uaptsd’s Press Conference in Response to Hate Mail from SD Sheriffs

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San Diego, September 22, 2015 — and allies will hold a press conference in response to the recent hate mail we received tracing back to the SD County Sherrif Dept.

Time and location is as follows
Gathering at 11:30am at John F. Duffy Administrative Center, 9621 Ridgehaven Ct, San Diego, CA 92123
Press conference at 12:00pm Noon
After speakers we will hand deliver CLERB complaint with documentation to the Sheriff’s office

by Liam Dillon of Voice of San Diego
“A group who is extremely critical of police agencies received a message on Wednesday (September 16th, 2015) heavy with profanity, defending police and calling police protesters from Ferguson “animals.” In an era of internet anonymity, the message style is unfortunately common; less common is the digital fingerprint on the message that indicates the message originated from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. A department representative said it appears to have come from the department and officials are investigating”

“Hatred and juvenility from San Diego law enforcement organizations is nothing new. This email is the product of a culture rooted in racism and inability to tolerate dissent. When the author separates protesters from “real citezens [sic]”, it makes sense why San Diego police treat some people with dignity and others as lesser beings. This email also emerged from a facility paid for by residents of the county, reinforcing the activist claim that more police funding doesn’t lead to safer societies. It’s not just the weapons and technology that’s been militarized, it’s the wartime outlook that divides everyone into allies or enemies.” ~ Andrew J. MacKay, Socialist Alternative San Diego

As’s mission, as an organization, we denounce the harassment, violence, intimidation, arrests and abuse of power by police.

‪#‎SDStolenLives‬ Killed by San Diego Sheriff’s Deputies
Robert Gary Taschner
William Everett Baker Jr
Junior Sylvester Clarke
Michael Stanewich
Jose Malacara
Paul Reynolds
Daniel Price
Federico Adame III
Lional Hernandez Guerrero
Ibrahim Hassan
Gilberto Torres-Ramirez
Demone Edward Cook
Jorge Ramirez
Jesus Eduardo Manzo
George Shall Yerger Jr.
Franklin Joseph Rhodes
Kenneth Drinkard
Shane Anthony Hayes
Samuel Ehling
Marquin Anthony Hendrix
Craig Lane Petersen
Robert Allen Moore
Christopher Lee Hannowski
David Lee Brown
Gary Kendrick
Simon D. Hubble
Corey P. Scherkenbach
Robert John Medina
Fred Scott Horton
Richard Narvaez
Jeffrey Dale Bray
Michael Paul Napier


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