The 43: Ten Months On…

Reporting San Diego

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Jul 28, 2015 (San Diego) The parents of the 43 Mexican students from the Rural School at Ayotzinapa continue their protests. They also continue to put pressure on the state, and continue to say that the Mexican Government was behind their children’s deaths.

If this was just 43 missing people, we could afford to take the official story line and move on. Alas, it is not. Proceso is reporting more cases of extra judicial executions. These happened this past July 20, and follow a pattern that we have seen in places like Tlataya, in the State of Mexico, on Jun 30 2014, and Ayotzinapa on Sep 26 of 2014.

The first, according to Proceso, is the gunning down of civilians who were blocking a road protesting the arrest of a self-defense unit commander. There were casualties, among them children. Then on June 7, a Colonel and troops, detained…

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