TODAY! ALEC Protest Promotes Unprecedented Activist Group Cooperation

Activist Ray Lutz will MC the event; SanDiego350 to provide keynote speaker; consumer advocate Mike Aguirre in speaker lineup.

Press conference and dynamic visual display tonight at 8:30pm

SAN DIEGO (July 21, 2015) — On July 22, 2015, the Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego will host the 42nd annual meeting of ALEC — the American Legislative Exchange Council — as protestors make it clear that ALEC is not welcome in California.

“ALEC is how unscrupulous corporations avoid lobbying regulations,” said organizer Ray Lutz of Citizens’ Oversight. “Why spend time at each state when you can bring state elected officials to one posh resort and train them to do your bidding? It’s disgusting, displaying the worst of corporate America, and an obvious and clear violation of propriety.”

An introductory press conference will be held (tonight) Tuesday Evening at 8:30pm outside the hotel, including a dynamic visual display (details to be a surprise!)


7/21 8:30pm Introductory press conference and to-be-announced visuals for media.
7/22 3:00pm Union-sponsored Rally at Embarcadero Park North (just south of the hotel)
(Public Restrooms are available here)
4:30pm Union March arrives at the Grand Hyatt Hotel; Gathering time.
5:00pm MAIN EVENT Rally begins at the Hyatt
6:00pm Launch tethered balloon banners (Not a “balloon release”) & Active Protest Events
7/23 6:00pm Common Cause hosts panel on ALEC at Airport Hilton (details TBD)

Note: More events are being added all the time. Please check latest at Facebook “StopALEC Fest 2015”

CONTACT: Ray Lutz, Citizens Oversight / 619-820-5321 /

ENDORSING GROUPS – Please contact us to add your group! (* = speaker at event)
This event is prompting an unprecedented level of cooperation among activist, environmental, and union groups.

All of us or none* – Rev. Dennis Malone
American Friends Service Committee* – Pedro Rios
A New Path
AntiMedia* – Nick Bernabe
Artful Activist – Providing Banners and Balloons.
Activist San Diego – KNSJ Radio (89.1 FM)
Citizens Oversight Projects (COPS)* – Ray Lutz
Coalition for Labor and Community and solidarity (CLCS)
Common Cause – sponsoring panel event on Thursday
Center for Media And Democracy – ALEC Exposed
Democratic Party of San Diego
Fight for 15
Green Party* – Hugh Moore
KNSJ Radio (89.1FM) – will carry the event live!
LCLLA — Labor Council For Latin American Advancement* – Richard Trujillo
March against Monsanto San Diego (
Mike Aguirre* (keynote)
Moms United Against the War on Drugs
A New Path
Nurses Union
Occupy San Diego
Ocean Beach Green Center
Overpass Light Brigade
Radio Pulso del Barrio – (may carry the event live!)
SanDiego350* – William Leslie keynote
San Diego Democratic Socialists of America
San Diego Imperial County Labor Council
SEIU 220
Socialist Alternative
Stop TPP* – Kali Katt
Union of Concerned Scientists
San Diego United Against Police Terror* – Catherine Mendoca
Vets for Peace
Women Occupy San Diego* Kate Yavenditti
ALEC is lobbying machine for corporate interests and profiteering, but hides under cover of a 501(c)3 “Charity” so everything is tax-deductible, and lobbying controls are ignored.
Targets state legislatures with “model legislation” drafted by corporations, pushed through by legislators wined and dined at posh resorts.
More than 200 corporate & business members pay $7,000 to $25,000 in dues, with some like AT&T, Pfizer, and Reynolds American (tobacco) contributing $130K to nearly $400K each.
Leaders include: Bank of America, Altria, Exxon Mobile, Koch, UPS, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Verizon.
ALEC gives state legislators “scholarships” for junkets to posh resorts to learn what the corporations want, then go back to their jobs ready to recite the slogans and push through legislation designed by the corporate sponsors — all in secret.
The organization’s rules give corporations equal votes as legislators to approve model legislation. If corporations don’t like it, it does not move forward.


Out of State Politicians who are on vacation here with their millionaire and billionaire friends should be back home working to make the lives of their constituents better, not scheming with lobbyists how to make their lives harder.

But ALEC has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in corporate lobbyist money on this vacation for politicians and corporate lobbyists so they can come up with a new round of bills which will harm America’s families.

The result of this junket: dozens of bills will be written by ALEC and forced into law across the country with no input from the voters whose lives will be affected. (More than 680 bills proposed by ALEC over the years).

These bills are nothing more than a way for the rich and powerful to squeeze every last dime they can out of families like ours all across the nation.

We do things differently here in California and are a model for the nation, and it’s time we stand up to ALEC to let them know they are not welcome here.

ALEC Keynote Speakers “Hall of Shame”
Governor Scott Walker
Senator Ted Cruz
Governor Mike Huckabee
Elbert Lin, Solicitor General, WV
State Representative Rick Miller, TX
San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer
Dr. Arthur Laffer
Travis Brown

ALEC Corporate Participants “Hall of Shame”
These companies are engaged in illegal “lobbying” activities through ALEC.
Activists: Do not give any business to these companies!

(Source:, 2015-07)

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”
― Benito Mussolini

San Diego Trolley: Seaport Village Station (Green Line) is within a block of the hotel.

West on SR 94 — Take I-5 North and follow directions below for “North on I-5”
North on I-5 — Exit 6th Ave. Left on 6th. Right on Ash Street. Left on Pacific Highway to Hyatt Hotel.
South on I-5 — Exit Front St. Right on Ash Street. Left on Pacific Highway to Hyatt Hotel
South on 163 — Exit Ash St. Left on Pacific Highway to Hyatt Hotel

FREE PARKING for three hours is available at Horton Plaza, less than 1/2 mile away.
(Validate your parking ticket before you leave!)

ON-STREET Parking is FREE after 6pm in most areas. Parking on G St. Kettner Blvd, and many other streets nearby is only $0.75 per hour, and can be paid with a credit/debit card or cash.

SEAPORT VILLAGE parking is NOT free! Seaport Village guests pay $4 for the first 3 hours with validation and $3 every 30 minutes thereafter.

BUS FROM LONG BEACH – Ride the bus to San Diego with other activists from Long Beach and surrounding areas. $10 roundtrip. Leaves at noon – return approx. 9pm. Bring your protest signs and shit kicking shoes. For more info contact


Occupysd mailing list

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