All I Feel Right Now Is Shame: The High Cost of Marriage “Equality”

“As certain LGBT people have been welcomed into the fold of the US nation-state with certain benefits and privileges of citizenship and white supremacy (property and inheritance rights, access to health care, tax benefits, and, with today’s decision, likely immigration rights as well), others – especially people of color and poor people (including queer and trans people for whom race and class oppression largely render the benefits enjoyed by some LGBT folks meaningless) – continue to face increasing marginalization and criminalization at the hands of police, prisons, and the ever expanding border security state, as well as a lack of access to basic needs such as shelter, food, education, movement (frequently denied to both queer and trans citizens and non-citizens), and health care”


Two days ago, an undocumented Latina transwoman risked her own personal well-being to disrupt a self-congratulatory love fest between so-called LGBT leaders and Barack Obama, an event celebrating the “success” of the inclusion of some lesbian and gays into the fold of US citizenship. Jennicet Gutierrez interrupted Obama’s press conference, calling attention to the abuses of the US immigration detention system, including the disproportionate harms experienced by LGBTQ people caught up in the system. This was the response of Obama and the LGBT leaders in the room:

Obama scolds Gutierrez, saying “shame on you,” and calls security to escort her from the room. The mostly white LGBT leadership in the crowd outright boo and hiss at her, and cheer Obama’s dismissal of Gutierrez and her concerns, chanting over and over: “Obama! Obama! Obama!”

Today, those same LGBT “leaders” are celebrating yet another favorable same-sex marriage decision from the US Supreme…

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