Team 10: Citizens’ Review Board finds no evidence of strip search – KGTV ABC10 San Diego

“SAN DIEGO – Team 10 has obtained new information about the incident involving two San Diego Police officers and the man who claims they did an illegal anal cavity search for drugs.

The findings of San Diego’s Citizens’ Review Board show they agree with Internal Affairs investigators that Kenneth Simmons was not subjected to a cavity search. The board also found the use of force on Simmons was justified.

Simmons was riding his bicycle in Memorial Park in May of 2014 when officers claimed they tried to stop him for not having a light after dark. Officers say Simmons tried to get away, and when they caught up with him he resisted arrest. Simmons had two knives, and police body cam video shows him on the ground struggling with officers who told him to “stop resisting.”

Officers say they found rock cocaine in a baggie in Simmons right pants pocket. Simmons claims he was violated in the most personal way, and that the drugs were in his rectum.”

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