Via CURB; JUNE 26 Statewide Mobilization for #NoMoreJails! Let’s #PullthePlug on jail expansion. RSVP:


The statewide jail fight crew is gearing up for the mobilization to BSCC Bidders’ Conference in Sacramento on June 26th. The first salsa blast went out yesterday with the snazzy (gif) flier that Critical Resistance-LA members designed.

Please circulate the flier and facebook page! Spread the word!

Here are the relevant links:

Join and share the event page on FB:


Donation page to support travel:

Salsa blast:



(adapted from the No New San Francisco Jail Coalition’s Jail Fight Platform
and Critical Resistance’s “Alternative Investments to Imprisonment”

Californian’s health and safety will not be improved with jail expansion.

California county jails are inherently violent, poorly run, and wastes of taxpayer money. The public funds that are now used to police, convict and incarcerate people should be going to provide housing, education, health care & employment. Safe and healthy communities depend on mental health services, youth centers, supportive and affordable housing, and real opportunities in their communities; not cages.

Californians want, deserve, and demand to live in a state that prioritizes the health, wellbeing, cultural and political life of all of California residents. Currently, many California residents are facing hard times. It is difficult for many people—particularly in communities of color–to find meaningful work, affordable housing, and access to good education and sustainable healthcare. Decision-makers with the power to change these conditions, however, are not focusing on our communities’ needs. Instead, many political leaders are prioritizing spending more of our tax dollars on building more jails, hiring more police, and subsidizing more high-end condos and luxury apartments. We do not need more jails in California counties. We need the basic resources and opportunities that make our communities healthier and

Academic and community-based research, repeatedly finds that community-created and community-
focused solutions to harm and violence have exponentially better outcomes.

Unlike jails, local solutions
and community resources are much more likely to keep families intact, assist loved ones to overcome
the hardships of addiction, reduce the likelihood of repeated harm, increase community stability.

Communities prosper when they are healthy, stable, and people have the tools and resources necessary
to build strong relationships.

AB 109 funds would be better used to:
Support violence prevention practices that motivate and empowers young leaders and neighborhoods to take a stake and central role in building up their communities.

We need to use and continue to develop responses to harm that help people flourish and learn without punishment and separation from their families and communities (i.e. without imprisonment and policing).

Prioritize mental health and treatment in all of California’s counties.

Fund treatment programs that prevent people from doing time and also helps those coming home transition more successfully back into their communities.

Provide health care for all Californians and to connect people coming home from jail to available healthcare services and insurance.

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