Demand Accountability from Martin Eder of Activist San Diego Making a False Report of a Burglary Because #BlackLivesAlwaysMatter

As United Against Police Terror SD, we have a commitment of not only calling out the Police, but remaining consistent in our work towards accountability and justice in our own community from police misconduct. What was expressed in demanding independent review of police misconduct, very much echoes our demand to Activist San Diego and KNSJ which are also a part of the Black and Brown Lives Matter Coalition; Transparency, Consistency and Building Community Trust because #BlackLivesAlwaysMatter.

Transparency for we are coming forward with documentation supporting our demand for the protection of our community members,consistency for every social justice activists who claims to fight against police terror, must hold themselves accountable to the community, and our demand is for Activist San Diego to accept this public call out and take the necessary steps in regaining community trust back. 

The following video is an incident on May 18th at 4246 Wightman Street documenting a police call to the residence stating that a “Burglary in Progress” was taking place. A “Burglary in Progress” is noted as code 4-5-9 which is also considered a “Hot Prowl” or “Hot Call” meaning multiple officers will be dispatched to the residence and surrounding area with guns drawn.

Martin Eder of Activist SD Makes False Report of Burglary

The person who initiated the call was Activist San Diego’s Martin Eder. In the same video above, an officer questioned why Martin called the cops stating there was a burglary when in fact there wasn’t, and also stated the issue he has with the black person in which he called the cops on, according to California Law, that same black person was exercising their right to squat to establish residency. THE COP HIMSELF STATED IT WAS NOT A POLICE ISSUE BUT IN FACT A CIVIL ISSUE. 

This is not the first time something like this happened. Martin Eder has also sued volunteers for material rightfully belonging to those volunteers, sued residents, one in particular, after they gave Martin 1500 dollars in the summer of 2014 to tent the house. Not only did Martin take the money and went straight to Vegas “for a business trip” it was later confirmed (by Kevin “Zeus” pao, not be a business trip). In addition, Martin used the bug infestations, that were so bad, it caused residents to sleep in tents on the roof of the Activist House, to make them move out. This gross mismanagement of the property and harassment of the tenants are also what we want to expose. He has also talked to provocateurs who have attempted to incriminate other organizers- as well as tolerating misogynistic abusive behavior from his own volunteers towards allies attempting to work with ASD, KNSJ and the Black and Brown Lives Matter Coalition.

Our Demands to Activist San Diego, KNSJ and the Black and Brown Lives Matter Coalition are as follows 

  1. Cease all activity which incriminates and endangers all black, brown and oppressed people in our community
  2. Repair the Activist House to a livable condition for everyone AND be transparent in any and all actions regarding individuals who take up residence. 
  3. Respond publicly regarding the steps taken to build community trust. 

Depending on the response or actions from the above organizations, we may demand for a community tribunal, if the victims affected do not feel they have been given justice.

The act of calling this out is not worse than the act of calling the cops on a black person, and along with this demand to ASD and KNSJ, we also ask other allies who feel this may be a divisive move, to please CRITICALLY THINK about your own role in the fight against #policeterror as well as your own privileges including housing, skin color, background etc. which allows you to think why this behavior should be accepted among SOCIAL JUSTICE COMMUNITIES. 

As, WE CAN’T URGE ENOUGH that #BlackLivesAlwaysMatter; be it rally, protest or in our own community, not just the lives we advocate in the abstract which one can benefit from the glory of being a “conscious ally” without practicing what they preach.

In love, service and respect

Aaron and Cat

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4 Responses to Demand Accountability from Martin Eder of Activist San Diego Making a False Report of a Burglary Because #BlackLivesAlwaysMatter

  1. wiseoldsnail says:

    i’ve had this happen : the community calling me divisive for outing misogyny, outing a supposed comrade for beating me in my own home after i allowed him to spend time here instead of sleeping in the streets

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