The Militarized Elections of Mexico


Ph: @ProyectoePuente

From la izquierda diario
Thousands of teachers from the National Teachers Coordinator (CNTE), along with students, social organizations, the parents of the 43, local farmers, and popular sectors have been organizing a great mobilization for the past few days in order to boycott and stop the elections. Up until Friday, Lorenzo Cordova, the president of the National Electoral Institute (INE), was announcing his guarantee that the elections were going to take place throughout the whole state of Oaxaca.

The actions taken by section 22, section 18, and 7 of the State Coordinator of Education Workers in Guerrero (CETEG) alongside popular sectors to boycott the elections demonstrates the profound hatred and out right questioning of this “democracy” and their militarized elections.

After 72 hours the following has taken place: In Veracruz students and activists houses were raided by paramilitary and “thugs” heavily armed, resulting in a number of injuries…

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