Uhuru Movement Exposed: The Political Cult Of Yeshitelism

Support African Determination
African Socialist Movement


The African Peoples Socialist Party has arrogantly championed itself as the ONLY revolutionay vanguard and “advanced detatchment” of the international African working class and poor peasantry for 40 years under the leadership of it’s Chairman Omali Yeshitela (fka Joseph Waller). Yeshitela who grew up as a child of the middle class at the time when very few Africans in St. Petersburg, Florida culd enjoy such a status before he joined the US military as a young man. He returned home to join SNCC and ultimately became popular for tearing down a racist mural ia a public building and going to prison for this act. While there he formed JOMO (Junta Of Militant Organizations) and launched the Burning Spear newspaper before the founding of the African Peoples Socialist Party in 1972.

Miraculously, emerging at the same time that every genuine militant and revolutionary organization in this country like the Black Panther…

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