***Alert*** Security Culture, Community Accountability, & how to protect yourselves against harm

As we all hope and aim for, part of the anti police brutality movement also includes community accountability, ensuring safety in community organizing, security culture and open communication. Unfortunately, after an exhausting effort to do so with one group, we find no choice but to address our concerns publicly. only because it serves as a means to educate and promote transparency and safety.

When the first #FergusonResponse rallies happened in San Diego, we were joined by another group in our direct action in City Heights, NOT knowing that another group – WHO go by Uhuru Solidarity Movement-posted on their event page stating they were mobilizing in the same spot WITH us and planned on taking the march down to Southeast. When they joined us, they co(opted) the march and on fb POSTED ABOUT about possibly taking the highway again.

By posting on facebook acts of civil disobedience-WHETHER INTENTIONAL or OUT OF ignorance, you may incriminate yourself, other organizers as well as community members may be charged with crimes.



This is how the communication went down. (please click on photos to enlarge)

Uhuru SD was an informant to police

Uhuru SD was an informant to police


Uhuru SD was an informant to police?

White person responsible


Uhuru member to slandered and endangered protesters by posting incriminating actions on facebook

This isn’t first time we have been politically battered by this group, trolled us constantly because we are anarchists and feminists.

#SOLIDARITYisforWHITEWOMEN…who tell BROWN WOMYN how to be in “solidarity” with black men

THE CALL OUTS ON THREAD ABOVE ARE ALSO A GREAT EXAMPLE of critically thinking as an accomplice verses passive allyship. Recently I noticed they deleted their comments, how principled

This is a Tumblr that displays the screenshots of comments deleted as well as an article of them slandering us with no communication to us

I am also referencing a blog of a former APSC member  and how they were slandered.

Some advice for UHURU if they really want to be allies from Basic guidelines for solidarity activists

Surprisingly, even after they attacked us, they still joined us in our organized march, not telling us their intentions.

After a general announcement on behalf of Uaptsd.org we were attacked on social media in an attempt to incriminate our organization and community members.

please see below (click to enlarge)



We are exposing the truth and also know, that many former members of this group have been traumatized because of their experiences; from investing then being slanderously expelled. Unfortunately, as much as we expressed to allies about these concerns, no-one took us seriously. the #NOTMYCONRADE argument was in full effect.

This echos something similar to callouts made by the African Socialist Movement. Uhuru Movement Files Charges on Chernoh and Exposes Themselves as CIA Operatives https://africansocialistmovement.wordpress.com/2012/06/26/uhuru-movement-files-charges-on-chernoh-and-exposes-themselves-as-cia-operatives/

Despite many requests to not engage with this group, members still insisted on reaching out to them. meaning, because I was the lead organizer, I had to reach out to them as well. My attempts for unity.

——— Forwarded message ———-

From: Catherine Mendonça <XXXXX@gmail.com> Date: Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 11:56 PM Subject: Uniting City Heights with South East for the 4MILE MARCH & movements for ongoing education and mobilizations To: Martin Eder <activistsd@gmail.com>, Nadar Salahuddin <navyvet2013@gmail.com>, InPDUM San Diego <sdinpdum@gmail.com>, Uhuru Solidarity San Diego <uhurusandiego@gmail.com>

Hello all, I want to give the opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved in some capacity as far as mobilizations which have taken place in City Heights. We welcome all to our events. For any future proposed ideas regarding event routes, protest logistics etc. and to also assist in any South East mobilizations to please connect with us by attending our meetings or by phone with either Martin, Nadar-both copied on this email-or myself. We will also make a solid effort in attending BEAST meetings to support what you have been doing. We want to ensure a united front when organizing and would need solid meetings between groups to address logistics and how to support each other. We all may have different visions and goals as far as how these actions will play out. It’s important that the proper discussion, theory building, and public safety education is worked on, as well as discussions on routes and roles of copwatch and security prior to the actions themselves. As comrades in City Heights have expressed we are open to those discussions and theory building; specifically in the fields of education, media and propaganda and public safety. We are here to help. My number is always located at the bottom of every email I send out, and I am only a phone call away.

Of course there was no response. I attended a meeting only to be kicked out by the UHURU Solidarity SD members. Then I was told a meeting to take place regarding how to deal with me.

with this lesson learned, please see the following links to ensure proper safety and security culture with police using social media.

Much respect to this Author Suggestions for activists when using Social Media – by Hacktivist 1/16/11 12:15 AM A very brief outline of some suggestions which social activists could use when using social media such as Facebook or Flickr. A very brief outline of some suggestions which social activists could use when using social media such as Facebook or Flickr.

Social Media Tactics ================

1) Organising events of Facebook is a great resource. However, the police will use the attendance numbers to organise policing. Don’t give them information about our numbers: DON’T click ‘Attending’ to a protest event organised on Facebook. If you want to show solidarity, click ‘Maybe’. Leave them guessing. 2) Undercover police will join protest groups on Facebook and use profile pictures to gain police intelligence and to help arrests; DON’T use a portrait of yourself as a Facebook picture. DON’T use your real name on Facebook if you’re going to join protest events organised on facebook – use a pseudonym or, at the very least, use a fake last name. 3) The police regularly trawl through social media websites for pictures of protests. They use pictures of protesters to help identify and incriminate them. The police take pictures all the time, but they can’t be everywhere at all time. Don’t do their work for them. If you post pictures of protesters at protest, DON’T show their faces. DO blur or crop out their faces – *especially* if they’re engaged in acts of civil disobedience. From http://london.indymedia.org/articles/6912

More info: Social Media and Tactical Considerations For Law Enforcement This project was supported by Cooperative Agreement Number 2011-CK-WX-K016 awarded by the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, U.S. Department of Justice. The opinions contained herein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the U.S. Department of Justice. References to specific agencies, companies, products, or services should not be considered an endorsement by the author(s) or the U.S. Department of Justice. Rather, the references are illustrations to supplement discussion of the issues.

UPDATE! Unfortunately, the same group continues to be divisive – with many groups and direct actions, belittling #BlackLivesMatter when they disrupted democratic debates, calling Black Lives Matter, “saying, “The Democratic Party, like its Republican duopoly cousin, is a criminal enterprise, polluting the politics of Black America. Any sustained Black movement must, of necessity, be in opposition to the Democratic Party and its civic society annexes.” then Promoting a democratic candidate months later? 


They’ve done the same with Justice OR Else, and continue to copy our work, its just sad they can’t get the info right. PLEASE SEE THE FULL REPORT REGARDING LAMONTEZ JONES HERE 







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