Community Input: Data Analysis by Richard Hylton, San Diego Resident

Richard Hylton <> Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 9:39 AM
To: Jennifer McClory <>, Catherine Mendonca <>

Cc:, “Denise Viera Esq.” <>, Chuck Wexler <>, Michael Alston <>, “Steinman, Kathy” <>

Catherine’s observation and opinion (from her last paragraph) is unassailable:

“Remember to connect what’s happening at a national level is also happening in San Diego, The same issues that were exposed in #Ferguson #Baltmore #NewYork ARE in SAN DIEGO. The system of power, White Supremacy, is well and alive in San Diego, hurting marginalized communities. Let’s make sure we seek justice for them. Let’s end the occupation of our communities by Police.”

What Catherine may not know is that the System of which she speaks is buttressed, maintained, supported by

  • an indifferent California Department of Justice, led by a distracted Top Cop;
  • understaffed United States Department of Justice;
  • compliant incurious press and
  • an edifice of deceits and lies, including concealments and the purging of data; the presence of which would damn their practices.

Happily, the “unsophisticates” have used an axe (an electronic one and have wielded it with less than the required vigour) to do the purging  and the reason and results are shining plain; for those who wish to see.

I have had another opportunity to examine the Stop records that have not Search Detail records and am troubled by what I find. Of the 27904 records provided for the period

1-1-2015 through 3-31-2015, I find 1564 Stop records (parents) that have no stop action details (children.)  This incidence by far exceeds that of 2014, that troubled me

(and apparently no one else) so greatly.  On the basis of recollection, this rate (5.6%) of missing or purged records is around twice that of the 2014 dataset.

But more troubling are the sources, meaning the ethnic composition of the service areas, in which impaired or compromised records are found. I had expected that if there

were an application anomaly, flawed records would be distributed rather evenly across all service areas and would affect all ethnicities to the same degree(as appeared to

be the case, to some degree, for the 2014 records). But that is not  the case here. Service areas where Blacks and Hispanics predominate, carry 67% of the compromised

records, as shown here:

Number EthnicDescription Number
1055 Predominantly Black/Hispanic (Centr 1055
437 Predominantly White/Anglo (Eastern, 437
72 Unknown 72
1564 1564

Inline image 1

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