Candlelight Vigil Held for Women Victims of Police Brutality #AllBlackLivesMATTER

SAN DIEGO – The Coalition Against Police Violence is hosting a candlelight vigil at 6 p.m. Sunday, April 26 at Rosa Parks Recreational Park for women victims of police brutality.

Too often, the police killings of women, especially women of color go unseen in society, because of the lack of media coverage.

Women of color continuously fight on the front lines for #BlackLivesMatter, and it has mostly brought attention to the injustices done to men of color. It is time we stood up for inclusion of women when discussing injustice toward people of color.

We will be using our voices to ensure that women of color, that have been killed by police, are not forgotten.

We want the media to pay attention when women of color are killed by police, treated as “less than” by social standards that are often portrayed through media, vilified, racially profiled and stereotyped. We need to bring light to the fact that the issues that women of color face are mostly ignored by predominately cis white male organizations that claim to fight against sexism.

Gabriella Nevarez (Sacramento),
Aiyana Stanley Jones
Rekia Boyd
Tanisha Anderson
Jessica Hernandez
Nairobis Alvarez Cruz
Yvette Smith
Yuvette Henderson,
Tania Harris
Natasha McKenna,
Shelley Frey,
Darnisha Harris,
Malissa Williams.
Alesia Thomas,
Shantel Davis,
Shereese Francis,
Kathryn Johnston,
Alberta Spruill,
Kendra James,
Pearlie Smith,
Tyisha Miller,
Kathryn Johnston,
Miriam Carey,
Kristina Coignard,
Eleanor Bumpurs,
Tarika Wilson,
Shantal Davis,

…..there deaths won’t be in vain, we won’t let them.

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