As United Against Police Terror – San Diego we see a fight for livable wages as a multifaceted issue. Not only demand for wages to cover housing costs but also calling on those in power to ‪#‎divest‬ from ‪#‎prisons‬, ‪#‎police‬departments and the ‪#‎socialserviceindustrialcomplex‬ and to INVEST in community and worker self determination while developing harm reduction programs to drop recidivism rates.

This is more than just fighting for a union, initiative is needed in protecting all workers from “at will” employers, better health care, abolition of “quality of life” crimes, eliminating barriers to housing, food assistance and employment which includes ‪#‎banthebox‬ for all employers.

There’s so much more, but still we wait for those who advocate for a living wage to REALLY demand dignity for all.

Storied Streets 2014 Documentary
San Diego Fight for 15 – Lucha por 15 United Against Police Terror – San Diego

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