San Diego’s 2016 Nati’ll Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth – May 17 to May 23

The Nati’ll Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth NWAAIY) is May 2016. It is a fully-volunteer project organized by hundreds of groups and individuals around the United States.

JOIN United Against Police Terror – San Diego​ as we host another series of events this year on these important issues.

The juvenile justice system targets four youth group for incarceration; they are the following, in no specific order: (1) Youth of Color, (2) Youth with Disabilities, (3) Economically Disadvantaged Youth, and (4) LGBTTQQIA Youth.

GOALS: Another world is possible, and it begins with community based programs and alternatives such as rehabilitation, therapy, counseling, job readiness workshops, tutoring, more community programs and centers, and transformative and restorative justice programs in the community and in schools to address conflicts. Incarceration is not the solution, but the problem. Once youth are involved in the juvenile justice system, it is hard for them to get out of it. Please support youth and their futures and demand that no more youth are incarcerated no matter the crime/harm they have committed. Incarceration does nothing to address the needs of the youth who have committed the harm.

#NoYouthInPrison #NWAAIY
#Decarcerate #UAPTSD #NoYouthInPrison2016 #StopIncarceratingYouth

Save The Kids 2014
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PROBLEM: The three step oppressive punishment process targeting youth is:

(1) Criminalization of Youth is the stigmatization of youth through laws and norms that are based on their behavior, dress, socializing, identity, and community they live in.

(2) Policing of Youth is the surveillance and social controlling of youth by law enforcement and those in disciplinary roles.

(3) Punitive Discipline of Youth is the punishment of youth which includes detention, out of school suspension, incarceration, home arrest, and probation.

These three steps need to be eliminated in the juvenile justice system, which is the prison part of the school to prison pipeline.

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