– Join Us for a Community Forum – Black and Brown Lives Matter Abuse of power and law enforcement in San Diego

 Join Us for a Community Forum

Black and Brown Lives Matter

Abuse of Power and Law Enforcement in San Diego

Monday, May 11, 2015 7pm Church of the Brethren 3850 Westgate Place, SD 92105

Keynote Speakers; Shakina Ortega, Aaron Harvey & Brandon Duncan

About Shakina Ortega

In June 2012, Victor Ortega was shot and killed by Officer Johnathan McCarthy. Initially, McCarthy claimed he shot Victor because his back-up gun fell from its holster and Victor reached for it. He later claimed he shot Victor because he was “too tired to continue with the arrest”. A witness heard the officer shouting “Get on the ground!” at Victor and Victor responding, “Are you kidding me?” right before he was shot. Victorwas already on the ground face down with both arms cuffed before he was shot, a police lieutenant later admitted.The Ortega family filed a federal lawsuit claiming Ortega’s civil rights were violated, and that the officer had no reason to pull the trigger.U.S. District Judge has recently noted inconsistencies in some of the statements made by McCarthy, who claimed Victor tried to take away his service weapon. There is a further inconsistency around Officer McCarthy’s use of a non-lethal Taser and the facts leading up to the struggle between McCarthy and Ortega. Victor Ortega was a loving father, husband, son, grandson,brother, nephew, cousin, and friend to many.

About Aaron Harvey & Brandon Duncan

Brandon (Tiny Doo) Duncan and Aaron Harvey were two of many young black men recently arrested and charged with “conspiring” with gang members under CA Penal Code Sec. 182.5.  This law makes a person who has been identified as a gang member by police (even if not a gang member, but falsely listed) or supports gangs (rap lyrics) responsible for any crime committed by a gang member.  The injustice was so obvious that a San Diego judge dismissed the charges against Brandon and Aaron on March 15, but many others remain charged and in jail for crimes the D.A. knows they did not commit.

  • Other topics include:

    Citizen oversight of the police in San Diego

    Brutality and the Border

    A People’s History of the Police

Sponsors (alphabetical): International Socialist Organization (San Diego), National Lawyers Guild (San Diego Chapter), Peace Resource Center San Diego, San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice, United Against Police Terror, Women Occupy San Diego.

Black and Brown Lives Matter FINAL

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