#ShutDownA14 – Stop Business as Usual 2 Stop Police Murder! San Diego

April 1 & 2, Take the Stolen Lives Poster Out to Your Campus and Social Media
Emergency! The police are STILL killing unarmed people… and getting away with it. Really look at the Stolen Lives poster on this page of people killed by police. This must STOP – and WE must act to STOP IT. We must mobilize masses of people to stand up and Shut It Down on April 14 across the country.

Students have a very big role to play in this – a real responsibility.

The plan is simple: make the Stolen Lives poster so unavoidable that EVERYONE has to confront this reality and take a side. Challenge people: “What are YOU doing to STOP this? We are all responsible!” Be very bold, and call on people to take a stand right on the spot.

On April 1 & 2, on campuses across the country, we will make #ShutDownA14 – Stop Business as Usual 2 Stop Police Murder! San Diego a truly major deal. Together, we will get hundreds of people snapping selfies and spreading this on social media, wearing stickers, and taking stacks of fliers to spread through their dorms and classes. In this way, we will build the walk-outs and protests on each campus, and spread the contagion to campuses across the country

fb event for San Diego

1. Right click this image and save it to your computer or download.

Go to the nearest printer and print off a bunch of copies. You can make this into a poster by going to Properties before you hit

2. Print and selecting the ‘Poster’ option. Sizes 2×2 and 3×3 tend to do the trick.

▪ Be sure to print extra copies because people are going to want to join!

3. Go out with some friends – or even folks you just met – to a public place on your campus. Libraries, malls, cafeterias, and busy street corners are all great locations!

4. Take a selfie with you and the poster, add #ShutDownA14, and send it to all your friends. Text it, and post it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Tell all your friends to come join you in the fight to stop mass incarceration. #ShutDownA14

5. Hold up the poster and tell everyone passing by that WE need to stop mass incarceration and murder by police of people of color. Ask if they think this is right, and challenge them to stand with you if they do. (This is when you will need the extra copies).

6. When people ask, “What can I do to help?” Tell them:
– Take a selfie with the poster, and share it on their social media with #ShutDownA14.
– Holding up a poster right there on the spot
– Take stacks of the flier and post them in their dorms and other buildings, put them under all the doors in the dorms, spread them in the cafeterias, classes, and everywhere else.

7. Write to us uaptsd@gmail.com and let us know what you run into – send pictures, videos, questions, and ideas.

You can start posting even before you print!

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