San Diego Protesters on Standby for Grand Jury Announcement

United Against Police Terror is on Standby awaiting the announcement to be released, in which we will send a call out confirming the announcement, and mobilize our planned Emergency Response Protest. For more info and updates please frequently visit our Facebook event page: here

We have also heard from undisclosed sources that the US  Army National Guard in San Diego, is standing by on “no notice” or “quick notice” alert and is talking coordination with local SDPD officials.  Military response will come from and tasked to: 185th BCT, (and possibly) 184th Brigade coming out of the Kearny Mesa armory.


Bob McCulloch released a statement a few moments ago dispelling all misinformation about when the grand jury would release its verdict on Officer Darren Wilson, saying that the grand jury is still hearing evidence and has not made a decision. He said that mid to late November is still the time frame in which the decision will be announced.

He adds that you should ignore all notices except the ones that come directly from his office. He said when the grand jury reaches their verdict his office will let everyone know when the announcement is coming.

In other words, if you see posts floating around that suggest Anonymous hackers might know when the announcement is coming or whatever, ignore it because it’s probably a hoax.

Here’s the full statement:



See Fox2 article: here


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