Video raises serious doubts about police actions during 2013 shooting

Jonathan Vasquez & Silvia Fletes

Jonathan Vasquez & Silvia Fletes

by Aaron Leaf

On January 13, 2013 Police attempted to pull over a car for speeding in the Encanto area of San Diego. Driving the car was 21 year old Jonathan Vasquez. The car had been stolen, though the owner had not yet reported the theft to police. As seen on helicopter video, Jonathan pulled into a dirt lot, the officers stopped their cars and got out, possibly expecting the suspect to flee on foot.

Police claim, however, “The driver of the car suddenly made a U-turn and drove directly toward the officers, who were outside their cars giving verbal commands for the suspect to stop.”

The recently released helicopter video raises serious doubts about police actions. a pursuit that began with an attempted traffic stop for speeding. “He’s going to crash,” a voice heard from the helicopter. Near a dead end, the car veers into a front lawn, and three SDPD officers are seen leaving their cars. As the driver moves forward, the officer in front of the car trips and the car comes to a sudden stop, stuck in a tree stump.

vasquez_chase_shooting_video_1392344780498_2887264_ver1.0_640_480A few seconds later, white flashes — a hail of gunfire — can be seen.

“Next thing you know all these gunshots. It was like 8 to 9 shots,” witnesses said

19 year old Silvia Fletes, Jonathan’s girlfriend, was in the passenger seat of the car and was shot in the shoulder and arm and dragged out of the car by her hair as seen in the video is proves the officers were trigger-happy. “She was scared…because she didn’t know what was going on,” said Alvin Gomez, Fletes’ attorney. Gomez said Silvia had no clue the vehicle was stolen and had no idea why officers fired at her. “They behaved outrageously,” said Gomez. Attorney Gomez also said police mistakenly got out of their cars when the suspected stolen car was still moving. Silvia has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, including depression, anxiety and nightmares.

San Diego Police Officers Sergio Gallegos, Rogelio Medina and Nicholas Troncale were identified as the individuals who fired the shots that killed Jonathan and injured Silvia.


The civil trial is expected to take place sometime in 2015

We as United Against Police Terror stand against the Violent and Deadly actions by Police on our communities. We call on all people of the community to Stand Up and Speak Out against the Oppression of our Youth and Family Members.

(download flyer)

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