Conflicted Holiday

Dec 26, 2014 

DSCF2797Call of Action by Conflicted Holiday

Conflicted holiday is a project started as a response to the growing need to make a statement about ongoing injustices in the United States. As a people we are tired of systematic oppression that affects us all. We protest, we march, we hold conversation in public and private spaces.

The goal of Conflicted Holiday is to add another angle to the growing need to raise our voice and take a stand on recent trends in police brutality, and systematic injustice. We are in solidarity with marchers and protesters. This project does not replace the need to get out in the street and march. It offers a way to make a statement online as well as in the street.

Conflicted Holiday aims to be a creative conversation starter in homes, theaters, bars, restaurants, and anywhere else people assemble. for more info visit


United Against Police Terror’s No Justice No Christmas “How The Cops Stole Christmas”

In light of the recent killings of youth by police United Against Police Terror – San Diego hosted a No Justice No Christmas Rally on Christmas Day in Memory of Tamir Rice, John Crawford, Andy Lopez, Kimani Gray, Ramarley Graham, Israel Hernandez, Aiyana Stanley-Jones & all youth whose lives have been stolen by the hands of Law Enforcement.

These young lives ended too early and will never have a chance to celebrate Christmas with their families again.

If Tamir Rice, John Crawford, Andy Lopez, Kimani Gray, Ramarley Graham Israel Hernandez, Aiyana Jones, Cameron Tillman, VonDerrit Myers Jr., Laquan McDonald, Carey Smith-Viramontes, Jeffrey Holden, Qusean Whitten, Miguel Benton, Dillon McGee, Levi Weaver, Karen Cifuentes, Sergio Ramos, Roshad McIntosh & Diana Showman cant have Christmas, Neither will WE, & Neither will YOU!

Aiyana Stanley – Jones July 20, 2002 – May 16, 2010
Andy Lopez – June 2, 2000 – October 22, 2013
Israel Hernandez – August 6th, 2013
John Crawford III – July 29, 1992 – August 5, 2014
Kamani Gray – October 19, 1997 – March 9, 2013
Ramarley Graham – February 4, 2012
Tamir Rice – June 25, 2002 – November 22, 2014

Since Brown’s death, at least 14 other teenagers—at least six of them African-American—have been killed by law enforcement in a variety of circumstances.

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How do you take part?
  • Step 1: Grab a camera or a smart phone
  • Step 2:Have a group (or individual) pose with their hands up and holiday lights around their wrists or in their hands
  • Step 3: Take the photo
  • Step 4: Post it on social media of your choice (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) and use #conflictedholiday
  • Bonus step: Include the website with your photo and spread the word to friends and family

Lets keep these causes in the minds and mouths of people around the world.


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