#TDOR #‎SayHERname‬ ‪#‎VanessaFacen‬ Died in Sheriff Custody on 11/21/2005

‪#‎SayHERname‬ ‪#‎VanessaFacen‬ Died in Sheriff Custody on 11/21/2005 at the age of 35 As part of the ‪#‎TransgenderDayofRemeberance‬ Af3irm San Diego and Uaptsd.org would like to remind everyone of #VanessaFacen. She died by the hands of sheriff deputies at the downtown jail. The detailed summary of the night leading up to her death was filled with gruesome reports of the force used against her, which included four shots from a taser gun, beatings and several doses of pepper spray. Prior to becoming unresponsive, with her arms and legs chained, Facen was sprayed with one last shot of pepper spray, her head was wrapped in sheets, and she was hit in the arm and leg with a baton.

“Because Facen was trans, her death and the subsequent investigation were nearly swept under the rug. The Gay & Lesbian Times’ own apathy toward Facen’s death serves as yet another example of the transgender community’s lack of visibility and equality within the greater GLBT community. We’ll be working with the District Attorney’s Office to find out what happened to Facen’s investigation. If her case was simply pushed aside, they too will have some explaining to do.”

As many participate in the TDOR tonight at the San Diego LGBT Community Center. Remember the ‪#‎Abusersinblue‬ and never forget the global struggle needs to be connected locally.




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