2015 Vehicle Stop Data (loads in around 3 minutes); 78,013 records​; A seeming clever use of words “Phase One of the SDSU Report”, “Raw Data”, “SDPD Report”

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Richard Hylton <hyltonrichard@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 9:13 PM
Subject: Fwd: A seeming clever use of words “Phase One of the SDSU Report”, “Raw Data”, “SDPD Report”.
To: Megan Burks <meburks@kpbs.org>

A communication, that conforms to the essence of the below, was sent to the persons shown, today.

Our clever politicians are, once again showing their stripes while hiding our data. Chair Emerald with the deft word usage of a former investigative reporter, and with timely interruptions from the office of the City Attorney, frustrated the public and led some down a path taken by snipe hunters; the path that leads to frustration and unnecessary toil, while she and the committee members, in all likelihood, have the information that we seek or can get it. Information that should be provided now as is required by a proposal approved by the City. Information that was promised to us and to me for delivery last week.
Ultimately, while avoiding the issue of the promised first part of the  “Phased report,” and using the Brown Act as a shield from discomfiting comments or questions, Chair Emerald offered to make the raw data available, on the internet and/or to provide assistance to those who would seek that raw data using the Public Records Act. I was impressed, since no one seemed to be seeking after raw data, but Chair Emerald must have been persuasive, at least to some (the representative of the ACLU was unimpressed  and did not fall for the sleight of words.) Indeed, one speaker offered the services of a friend or associate in analyzing the raw data.
As I watched at home I wanted to shout “We do not want to build a watch or to learn how to, we merely want to know what the time is.” Do not deceive yourselves into thinking that the members of the committee are unaware of the SDSU results or do not have access to them. What can you do? Do a little work and determine the results for yourself, then act on your information.
This is not meant for those who have resources to load San Diego’s stop data and to flatten it for themselves, rather it is intended for those who can manipulate excel spreadsheets so as to compute summaries. These XML files contain flattened Raw Data that will allow a skilled user to create summaries, that can answer every possible question where numbers never lie.

2015  Vehicle Stop Data (loads in around 3 minutes); 78,013 records​

2013  Vehicle Stop Data (loads in less than 3 minutes; 23031 records​
2014  Vehicle Stop Data (loads in around 5 minutes; 144,164 records​
These three files are in XML format and represent data collected for the period shown. XML files are self-documenting and as such are a wonderful means of data exchange. The information in them can be loaded into databases with little effort and are readily accepted by Excel.
Each XML file may be opened in Excel as an XML Table. Please be patient. Excel fetches the field information and loads the data. On my 2 year old laptop the largest takes about 5 minutes.
Inline image 1
This automatically creates a datatable, ready for summarizing.
Inline image 2
May I respectfully suggest to you that you eschew complete reliance on  the templates for summaries as have been provided by others (searches, arrests.)  I suggest that you add:
  1. the groups or ethnicities who are most often treated as crime suspects. (field Interview)
  2. the groups or ethnicities who are most often treated as crime suspects but leave the encounter unticketed.(field Interviewed w/o Citation)
  3. the groups or ethnicities who when searched are found to have the highest or lowest incidence of contraband.
  4. the groups or ethnicities who are cited least or most
  5. the groups or ethnicities whose passengers are searched most or least.
  6. Examine and count the various types of searches, consent, non-consent, 4th Waiver, Inventory for groups or ethnicities
It is my opinion that Field Interview rates, standing alone, and when coupled with other post-stop actions, are the strongest indicator of Racial Profiling. This because the expression define how the subject is viewed i.e. as a suspect.
Have fun. Sorry, fun this is not, it is a sordid depressing, de-humanizing business that imbrutes the oppressed and oppressor alike. But, as of now, you do not know to what extent.
Save you work as an Excel Workbook file.
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Richard Hylton <hyltonrichard@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 3:12 PM
Subject: A seeming clever use of words “Phase One of the SDSU Report”, “Raw Data”, “SDPD Report”.
To: martiemerald@sandiego.gov
Cc: myrtlecole@sandiego.gov, chrisCate@sandiego.gov, toddgloria@sandiego.gov,kevinfaulconer@sandiego.gov, “Goldsmith, Jan” <JGOLDSMITH@sandiego.gov>,scottsherman@sandiego.gov, loriezapf@sandiego.gov, davidalvarez@sandiego.gov, Kellen Russoniello <krussoniello@aclusandiego.org>, Margaret Dooley-Sammuli <mds@aclusandiego.org>, Joshua Chanin <jchanin@mail.sdsu.edu>, Stuart Henry <stuart.henry2@gmail.com>

I watched on television, and was not confused. I was appalled by the use of the quoted expressions; clearly an intention to confuse the public.
 “Phase One of the SDSU Report”
You, Chair Emerald, know full well that each speaker seeks the results of the First Phase of the Report, i.e. the data analysis that was done by Chanin and his cohorts. That first phase was promised for Fall 2015. In fact it was represented to me, that I would receive a copy last week.
In the absence of a declarative statement that the first phase of the report has not been completed I consider your comments(and supportive interruptions from the representative of the City Attorney) as mere attempts to mislead, misguide and interfere with the public’s right to know;  to obtain public documents; and an unlawful interference with a public administrative process.
“Raw Data”
The invitation to members of the public that they obtain the raw data is more of the same obstructive conduct. I daresay that most members of the public do not have the knowledge to process or flatten 144,000 Vehicle Stop Records that exist in a parent/child relationship on discrete excel worksheets; the format used by the SDPD. Furthermore; the public should be spared the machinations of the SDPD as I have endured in obtaining this public data.
 “SDPD Report”
The comments from chief Zimmerman were equally unhelpful, given the fact that the rudimentary SDPD report and its failure to dissect and analyze the key indicators of Racial Profiling is the primary reason for the involvement of SDSU. Why would anyone be interested in that thing?
By including Josh Chanin and Stuart Henry, I invite their denial of the completion of the Data Analysis aka Phase One of the SDSU Report.
Finally; at some point today I shall provide a copy of the Flattened “Raw Data” for download from a Google Drive link.  I will send it to all persons who have expressed in interest in these things and who appear on my mail lists

Mrs. Hylton advised me not to attend because it would be an waste of time. She was right

Richard Hylton

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