Remember that #ScientificRacism also aimed in creating a physical and intellectually superior race.

Serious change needs to happen the way we treat the neuro divergent and mentally ill. HALF of all who come into contact with police have mental illness, 1 in 4 mentally ill who come into contact with police will be killedbypolice and those with a mental disability or with a mental illness are one of the largest growing populations in the prison system; whether developed by social or environmental influence OR by the prison conditions themselves.
From a historical viewpoint- “Deinstitutionalization” didn’t work. We just switched institutions. Instead of being in hospitals and “insane asulyms” people who are mentally ill are now in jails and prisons. “Deinstitutionalization” has created the mental illness crisis by discharging people from public psychiatric hospitals without ensuring that they received the medication and rehabilitation services and housing necessary for them to live successfully in the community. “Deinstitutionalization” also further exacerbated the situation because, once the public psychiatric beds had been closed, they were not available for people who later became mentally ill, and this situation continues up to the present. Consequently, approximately 2.2 million severely mentally ill people do not receive any psychiatric treatment nor adequate wrap around services to ensure interdependence.

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